QCAS / Volume 45 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Process control or chaos? 100:Y 121
Robustness of the EWMA control chart to non-normality 110:Y 125
Shewhart control charts for the scale parameter of a Weibull control variable with fixed and variable sampling intervals 110:Y 129
Specification limits, capability indices and process centering in assembly manufacture 120:M 133
Total quality management in nonprofit secondary health care 310:B 137
More, better, faster from total quality effort 311:A 139
A framework for international quality management research: Development and validation of measurement instrument 311:A 141
Is quality dead? 311:A 143
Integrating business excellence and innovation management: Developing vision, blueprint and strategy for innovation in creative and learning organizations 312:A 145
The new competencies of leadership 312:A 147
Quality motivation in China: Humanistic and technological 313:A 149
Cultivating a quality mind-set 313:Y 151
Diffusion of a quality improvement program among allied health professionals 319:B 153
A synthesis of quality function deployment and robust design and its application in the medical device industry 323:B 155
Benchmarking academic standards in history: An empirical exercise 324:T 157
The goose that laid the golden egg? A rhetorical critique of Stephen Covey and the effectiveness movement 330:A 159
A study of ISO 9000 process, motivation and performance 342:Y 161
Improving service quality within the supply chain: An Australian study 351:A 165
Quality management in Australian emergency medicine: Translation of theory into practice 410:B 169
Enablers of total quality management implementation in manufacturing: A case study 410:M 173
Total quality management in higher education 410:T 177
Longitudinal analysis of quality management practices in Australian organizations 410:Y 179
Quality assurance in a lobster processing company: A case study 410:Z 181
Remember reengineering? The rhetorical appeal of a managerial salvation device 420:A 185
Smart alternatives to downsizing 420:Y 187
An economic model for clinical quality control 440:B 189
How much do we lose on non-quality? 440:Y 191
The development of a quality cost model in a telecommunications company 440:Z 193
Ye olde total quality management 490:Y 195
Measurement: Methods comparisons and linear statistical relationship 510:Y 197
Estimating sources of variation: A case study from polyurethane product research 515:Y 199
Some risks in the construction and analysis of supersaturated designs 520:Y 201
A cautionary note about assessing the fit of logistic regression models 540:A 203
Markov Poisson regression models for discrete time series. Part 2: Applications. 540:Y 205
Will our educational system be the solution or the problem? 630:T 207
Service performance gap: Re-evaluation and redevelopment 670:S 209
Some problems when adopting Churchill’s paradigm for the development of service quality measurement scales 670:S 213
Theories, complexity and functional testing 690:Y 217
The impact of Six Sigma improvement: A glimpse into the future of statistics 710:Y 219
Service qualimetrics: The Qualitometro II Method 710:Y 223
Electronic brainstorming: The illusion of productivity 740:Y 225
Sequential estimation of the guarantee times for systems of several exponential components 820:Y 229