QCAS / Volume 45 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Statistical process control 100:Y 363
On the run length of the EWMA scheme: A monotonicity result for normal variables 110:Y 365
Using control charts to monitor and reduce analytical instrument variation 111:Y 367
Economic design of a variable sampling rate X&#772 chart X&#772 111:Y 369
An economic analysis of inspection costs for mistake-proofing binomial attributes 119:Y 371
Equal probability chart and applications in chemical batch process 119:Y 373
Estimation of vendor’s process capability from the lots screened to meet specifications 120:Y 377
Regression and ratio estimators in sampling on two occasions 210:Y 379
A modified ChSP-1 chain sampling plan, MChSP-1, with very small sample sizes 220:Y 383
Determination of conditional double sampling scheme 220:Y 387
User surveys in external assessments: Problems and prospects 230:Y 389
Interviewer’s tactics for fighting survey nonresponse 230:Y 393
A road map for quality beyond control 310:Y 395
QFD: Validating robustness 323:Y 397
Teams and their context: Moving the team discussion beyond existing dichotomies 332:Y 401
Teaching process improvement and team building using origami 332:Y 405
Four-step approach for eliminating people-dominant defect 334:Y 407
Measuring effectiveness and suitability of a quality system 342:Y 409
To serve or create? Strategic orientations toward customers and innovation 350:Y 411
Measuring the impact of buying behavior on customer satisfaction 350:Y 415
Business excellence model for supply chain management 351:M 419
Effect of service supplier performance on satisfaction and loyalty of store managers in the fast food industry 351:S 423
Critical success factors for total quality management implementation in small and medium enterprises 410:Y 427
History and specifics of the quality movement in France 410:Y 429
Drivers and tracers of business process changes 420:Y 431
Trends in international quality management research: 1990-1996 490:Y 435
From association to causation: Some remarks on the history of statistics 510:Y 439
Resampling for statistical confidentiality in contingency tables 512:Y 443
Difference variance dispersion graphs for comparing response surface designs with applications in food technology 525:Y 447
Subsidies, hierarchy and peers: The awkward economics of higher education 610:Y 453
Process design in a downsizing service operation 630:Y 457
Flexibility versus efficiency? A case study of model changeovers in the Toyota production system 660:Y 461
How do customers react to critical service encounters? A cross-sectional perspective 670:S 465
Defining and assessing competence in generic skills 740:Y 467
Learning to improve reliability during system development 810:Y 471
A highly efficient Monte Carlo method for assessment of system reliability based on a Markov model 820:Y 475