QCAS / Volume 45 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
A synthetic control chart for detecting small shifts in the process mean 110:Y 483
Fast initial response in a CUSUM mask scheme 110:Y 487
Performance of control charts for autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic processes 110:Y 491
Joint X&#772 and R charts with variable sample sizes and sampling intervals 111:Y 495
X&#772 charts with variable parameters 111:Y 499
A capability index for multiple process streams 120:Y 503
An SPC case study on stabilizing syringe lengths 130:Y 509
The Deming cycle provides a framework for managing environmentally responsible process improvements 321:Y 513
Optimization tools for design and marketing of new/improved products using the house of quality 323:Y 515
It’s all about improving performance 332:Y 519
Quality management: A comparison of cultural differences 333:Y 521
It is not what you achieve, it is the way you achieve it 342:Y 523
Revisiting the stock price impact of quality awards 343:Y 527
Quality issues in lean production implementation: A case study of a French automotive supplier 410:M 533
Managing the managers: Japanese management strategies in the USA 410:Y 537
Continuous quality improvement tools at work: Case studies at the University of Cincinnati 430:Y 539
Quality assurance in a lobster processing company: A case study 490:M 541
A comparison of multiresponse optimization: Sensitivity to parameter selection 510:Y 545
An application of multivariate analysis in product development in the food industry 510:Y 549
Practical approach to interval estimation for the Weibull mean lifetime 511:Y 553
Relationships among sample size, model selection and likelihood regions, and scientifically important differences 512:Y 555
A messy, but instructive, case study in design of experiments 513:Y 559
The effect of power sensor variation and measurement error on the uncertainty of the mismatch term of power sensor calibration factors 519:Y 561
Role of the organized sector in developing small-scale industries as vendors: A case study of experimental approach 520:M 565
Considerations associated with restrictions on randomization in industrial experimentation 520:Y 567
Optimization of Arc-PVD TiN coating process parameters by Taguchi technique 520:Y 569
Taguchi parameter design with multiple quality characteristics 520:Y 571
Bayesian estimation of the number of unseen studies in a meta-analysis 590:Y 573
We are all managers now: We always were: On the development and demise of management 630:Y 575
Service qualimetrics: The Qualitometro II method 670:S 577
Buying in and selling out: Quality issues in international student contracting arrangements 690:Y 579
Quality assurance: The measure of quality culture in a managed care setting 710:B 583
Measurements and the knowledge revolution 710:Y 585
The thought map 740:Y 587
Optimal maintenance decisions for dikes 810:Z 591
On improvement and deterioration of a repairable system 820:Y 593
Old tools – new uses: Equipment FMEA 830:Y 595