QCAS / Volume 45 / Issue 6

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Research issues and ideas in statistical process control 100:Y 603
Toward the implementation of a universal control chart and estimation of its average run length using a spreadsheet 110:Y 607
Control limits for group charts 110:Y 609
Run sum charts for X&#772 and R 111:Y 611
A p chart for monitoring capability using sensitivity data 120:Y 615
Joint monitoring of PID-controlled processes 130:Y 619
Process tolerance limits 130:Y 625
Procedures for the selection of CSP-M one-level skip-lot sampling inspection plans that have a single-sampling plan with acceptance number zero as the reference plan 220:Y 629
Administrative records and census taking 230:Y 633
The evolution of Six Sigma 311:Y 637
Fuzzy multicriteria models for quality function deployment 323:Y 641
Attitudes toward cross-functional quality project groups: Net utility and procedural justice 332:Y 643
Integrating safety and quality: Building to achieve excellence in the workplace 343:A 647
Transferring quality management experience to the Russian aerospace industry 410:M 649
Best practice and performance within northeast manufacturing 410:M 653
The international transferability of quality assessment systems for higher education: The Turkish experience 410:T 657
Troubleshooting your activities for excellence 410:Y 659
The economics of yield-driven processes 440:Y 661
Continuous quality improvement in higher education: A model for Sri Lanka 490:T 663
Managing data quality in a statistical agency 510:Y 665
Assessing risk for rare events 519:Y 669
Multilevel splitting for estimating rare event probabilities 519:Y 673
Improving the yield of printed circuit boards using design of experiments 520:M 679
Specification limit under a quality loss function 520:Y 681
Using the Taguchi loss function to reduce common-cause variation 520:Y 683
Experimental design for product and process design and development 520:Y 687
Finite-sample performance of alternative estimators for autoregressive models in the presence of outliers 544:Y 691
The quality double whammy 640:Y 693
A year in the life of a consumer product: As heard in cyberspace 640:Y 695
Measuring service quality trade-offs in Asian distribution channels: A multi-layer perspective 670:S 697
Test set size minimization and fault detection effectiveness: A case study in a space application 730:Y 701
Analysis of incomplete data in presence of competing risks 820:Y 703
Bayesian computation for the superposition of nonhomogeneous Poisson processes 850:Y 705
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