QCAS / Volume 45 / Issue 1

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Control charts for monitoring the mean and variance of autocorrelated processes 110:Y 15
Transforming the exponential for SPC applications 190:Y 21
Lot sampling plans in the measure of quality of care indicators 210:Y 25
Outlier diagnostics in several multivariate samples 210:Y 27
Designing a variable sampling plan based on Taguchi’s loss function 220:Y 31
Extending the definition of survey quality 230:Y 33
The impact of creativity and learning on business excellence 311:Y 35
‘E’quality: Contributing to business excellence 313:A 37
The association between organizational climate and quality management practices. An empirical study on small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Taiwan 313:M 41
Cultures for continuous improvement and learning 313:Y 43
Cultural dynamics for quality: The polar plot model 313:Z 47
The evolution patterns of quality management: Some reflections on the quality movement 319:Y 51
Teamworking: Redesigning the organization for manufacturing improvements 332:Y 53
The quality management role of the owner in different types of construction contract for process plant 340:Z 55
Customer complaints handling system: Key issues and concerns 350:A 57
On measuring interactions between customer satisfaction and financial results 350:Y 59
Achieving customer loyalty in an educational marketplace 350:Z 61
Achieving world-class supplier quality 351:A 65
The state of quality management in the Irish manufacturing industry 410:Y 69
Diffusion and contribution of total quality management: An empirical study in Norway 410:Y 71
From benchmarking to business process re-engineering: A case study 420:Y 75
Reengineering the university 420:Z 77
Stuff the suggestion box 430:A 79
Continuous improvement of service operations: Application of service template 430:S 81
Integrated planning for school and community: The case of Johnston County, North Carolina 430:Z 83
Some statistical heresies 510:Y 85
Robustness of partial least-squares method for estimating latent variable quality structures 512:Y 89
An assessment of finite sample performance of adaptive methods in density estimation 519:Y 93
An integrated method of parameter design and tolerance design 520:Y 95
Simultaneous nonparametric prediction limits 551:Y 99
Evaluation techniques for improving the quality of very large software systems in a cost-effective way 730:Y 101
Towards an evaluative framework for software process improvement models 730:Y 105