QCAS / Volume 45 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Control charts based on the number of consecutive conforming items between two successive nonconforming items for the near zero-nonconformity processes 110:Y 241
New robust statistical process control chart for location 110:Y 247
Normality test by Shewhart control chart 110:Y 251
Composite capability index for multiple product characteristics 120:Y 253
Process capability sensitivity analysis 120:Y 255
An approach to controlling process variability for short production runs 130:Y 259
New quality for the 21st century 311:Y 261
A synthesis of quality function deployment and robust design and its application in the medical device industry 323:B 263
Linking customer satisfaction to product design: A key to success for Volvo 323:M 265
Teamwork in manufacturing: The case of the automotive industry 332:M 267
Learning, teamwork and appropriability: Managing technological change in the Department of Social Security 332:S 271
QS – 9000 customer satisfaction monitoring isn’t working. A better way requires more substantial measures, increased contact 342:Y 273
Is ISO 9001: 2000 the beginning of the end? A critical look at the proposed ISO 9001 revision 342:Y 277
Baldrige Award winners beat the S&P 500 343:Y 281
Customer value-driven strategies 350:A 285
Preparation for college: A customer-supplier framework 350:T 289
Variation and concepts of quality in student learning 390:A 291
An information systems design framework for facilitating TQM implementation 410:A 295
A methodology of enhancing profitability through the utilization of experimental design: A catering business case study 410:S 299
Customer satisfaction at the Sheffield World Congress, 1998 410:S 301
Total quality management and higher education: The employer’s perspective 410:T 303
Leadership strategies for gaining business excellence through total quality management: A Finnish case study 410:Y 305
Business excellence through quality: Indian experience 410:Y 307
Distribution of quality costs: Evidence from an aeronautical firm 440:Y 309
The use of quality costing to trigger process improvement in an automotive company 440:Y 311
Quality management applied to higher education 490:T 315
Effective data collection 510:Y 317
On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 97 510:Y 319
Optimization problems and methods in quality control and improvement 519:Y 323
Critical values of the Lenth method for unreplicated factorial designs 520:M 325
The analysis of designed experiments with nonnormal responses 520:Y 327
Markov Poisson regression models for discrete time series. Part 1: Methodology 544:Y 331
Impact of participative service relationships on quality, satisfaction and retention: An exploratory study 670:S 335
Quality in use: Meeting user needs for quality 730:Y 339
Competitive analysis of manufacturing plants: An application to the US processed food industry 790:M 343
On the edge: Heeding the warnings of unusual events 790:Y 347
Estimation of system reliability in stress-strength models for distributions useful in life testing 820:Y 349