OR/MS / Volume 43 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Effective case research in operations management: A process perspective Ab:100 121
On uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity in project management Ad:100 123
Complex systems applied? The merger that made Glaxo SmithKline Af:100 125
Marketing productivity, marketing audits and systems for marketing performance assessment: Integrating multiple perspectives Af:140 127
Product variety, supply chain structure and firm performance: Analysis of the US bicycle industry Ah:110 131
The great divide and beyond: Financial architecture in transition Az:230 135
Corporate environmentalism: The construct and its measurement Az:240 137
New product development decision-making effectiveness: Comparing individuals, face-to-face teams and virtual teams Bc:170 139
Co-leadership: Lessons from Republican Rome Bd:000 141
21st century, the age of networks, join LAJACONET, the Latin American-Japan AOTS consulting network Bf:100 143
Global organizational learning effects on cycle time performance Bf:130 145
Why customers stay: Measuring the underlying dimensions of services switching costs and managing their differential strategic outcomes Bz:140 149
Logic, optimization and constraint programming Cb:000 153
A new multiobjective evolutionary algorithm Cb:000 155
The value of production schedule integration in supply chains Cc:100 157
A mobile agent-based active network architecture for intelligent network control Cc:100 161
Near-optimal pricing and replenishment strategies for a retail/distribution system Cd:140 165
Optimizing military airlift Cd:260 169
The periodic vehicle routing problem with intermediate facilities Cg:100 171
Performance of coupled product development activities with a deadline Cz:000 173
Consistent assortment provision and service provision in a retail environment Cz:140 177
A novel chaotic search for quadratic assignment problems Da:000 181
Effects of neighborhood demographic shifts on findings of environmental injustice: A New York City case study Db:240 183
General concepts of quality for discrete-event simulation De:000 187
Workshop on statistical approaches for the evaluation of complex computer models De:100 191
Modeling and optimization of the intermodal terminal Mega Hub De:250 195
Stochastic conditional and unconditional warfare Df:260 199
Complex spatial systems: Challenges for modellers Dz:250 201
Applying fuzzy logic to personnel assessment: A case study Ec:130 203
Controlling inventories with stochastic item returns: A basic model Ed:000 205
Optimizing plant-line schedules and an application at Hidden Valley Manufacturing Company Ed:150 207
An elementary introduction to auctions Ef:130 211
Detecting mines in minefields with linear characteristics Fa:260 213
Performance-based assessment of expertise: How to decide if someone is an expert or not Fb:100 215
Intraorganizational versus interorganizational uses and benefits of electronic mail Fc:100 217
Global comparison of stages of growth based on critical success factors Fd:160 219
Representation and storage of motion data Fd:160 221
An intelligent coherent approach to cooperation between TCP and ATM congestion and control algorithms – modeling and simulation analysis Fd:160 225
Regression testing of database applications Fe:160 229
Challenges of component-based development Fe:160 231