OR/MS / Volume 43 / Issue 1

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Mastering balance: How to meet and beat a stronger opponent Af:100 13
A simulation-based approach to understanding the dynamics of innovation implementation Af:140 17
Complex systems and the merger process Ag:000 19
Transition economies: Performance and challenges Ag:240 21
Marketing: A critical realist approach Az:140 23
Bridging the marketing theory-practice gap with marketing engineering Az:140 25
Army operations research: Historical perspectives and lessons learned Az:260 27
Effects of leadership on organizational performance in Russian companies Bb:110 29
An effective R&D performance measurement system: Survey of Korean R&D researchers Bd:170 33
An integrated architecture for tightly coupled design and evaluation of educational multimedia Bf:160 35
Intelligent assessment of distance learning Bf:160 37
Human issues in service design Bz:130 39
Operational planning of district heating and cooling plants through genetic algorithms for mixed 0-1 linear programming Ca:120 41
The first linear-programming shoppe Cb:000 43
A heuristic search approach for a nonstationary stochastic shortest path problem with terminal cost Cc:100 45
Assembly line scheduling with concurrent operations and parallel machines Cc:150 47
Bounds and performance limits of channel assignment policies in cellular networks Cd:250 49
Global optimization with exploration/selection algorithms and simulated annealing Cf:000 51
Humanoid robots Cz:000 55
Should marketing be cross-functional? Conceptual development and international empirical evidence Db:140 57
Games soldiers play Dc:260 61
A simulation-based decision support system for business process planning De:110 63
Tutorial on computational complexity Dz:000 65
Representing trees using Microsoft doughnut charts Ea:000 67
Multicriteria classification and sorting methods: A literature review Ea:000 71
A fast learning algorithm for parsimonious fuzzy neural systems Ec:000 75
Fuzzy stage characteristic-preserving product life cycle modeling Ec:100 79
Data mining for network intrusion detection: A comparison of alternative methods Ee:160 81
Technology selection and commitment in new product development: The role of uncertainty and design flexibility Ef:140 83
E-services: Operating strategy – A case study and a method for analyzing operational benefits Fc:100 87
The regulation of electronic commerce: Learning from the UK’s RIP act Fc:110 91
Information management (IM) strategy: The construct and its measurement Fd:000 93
Cultural differences in developers’ perceptions of information systems success factors: Japan vs. the United States Fd:100 95
Benchmarking data mining algorithms Fd:160 99
A simplified model of software project dynamics Fe:160 105
Software requirements validation via task analysis Fe:160 107