OR/MS / Volume 43 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Disciplining the professional: The case of project management Ad:000 241
Performance evaluation of credit unions: Reaping the benefit of tax status Af:110 243
Marketing productivity: Issues and analysis Af:140 247
How the United States used competition to win the Cold War Af:270 251
It’s about time: Temporal structuring in organizations Ag:130 255
Does supply chain management really pay? Six perspectives to measure the performance of managing a supply chain Ah:100 257
Unveiling the structure of supply networks: Case studies in Honda, Acura and Daimler Chrysler Ah:150 261
A multi-phase mathematical programming approach for effective supply chain design Ah:150 263
Grappling with a gusher! Manufacturing’s response to business success in small and medium enterprises Az:100 265
Sharing the wealth: When should firms treat customers as partners? Az:110 267
Lessons learned in cross-cultural research of Chinese and North American consumers Bb:130 271
Members’ identification with multiple-identity organizations Bd:130 273
Mapping management development practice Bf:130 275
Micromotives in global environmental policy Bz:240 279
DEA models for resource reallocation and production input/output estimation Cb:000 283
Locating a waste treatment facility by using stochastic multicriteria acceptability analysis with ordinal criteria Cb:120 287
Dynamic multiobjective heating optimization Cd:000 289
Subdivision, sampling and initialization strategies for simplical branch and bound in global optimization Cd:000 291
Interfacility interaction in models of hub and spoke networks Cg:100 293
A decentralized two-level transportation problem in a housing material manufacturer: Interactive fuzzy programming approach Cg:100 297
A decentralized, smart market solution to a class of back-haul transportation problems: Concept and experimental test beds Cg:120 299
Matching industries between target and acquirer in high-tech mergers and acquisitions Cz:110 303
Towards a better system for immigration control Cz:270 305
Who won the Sydney 2000 Olympics? An allometric approach Cz:290 309
Information theory, evolution and the origin of life Dc:290 311
Optimization for simulation: Theory vs. practice De:000 313
The effects of synchronous collaborative technologies on decision making: A study of virtual scams Ea:000 315
Implementing a distribution-network decision-support system at Pfizer/Warner-Lambert Ea:100 317
Optimal consensus of fuzzy opinions under group decision making environment Ea:130 321
Integrating management judgment and statistical methods to improve short-term forecasts Eb:000 323
A new approach to fuzzy regression models with application to business cycle analysis Ec:100 327
Fuzzy sets and models of decision making Ec:130 329
Inventory control of service parts in the final phase Ed:150 331
A further examination of cumulative prospect theory parameterizations Ef:000 335
Adaptive business intelligence based on evolution strategies: Some application examples of self-adaptive software Fb:000 339
Toward new metrics for net-enhanced organizations Fc:100 341
Library website user testing Fc:160 343
Knowledge management: Philosophy, processes and pitfalls Fd:160 345
Software process management of top companies in Taiwan: A comparative study Fe:160 347
Information integration: A new generation of information technology Ff:100 349