OR/MS / Volume 43 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Self-assessment methodology: The route to business excellence Aa:100 361
Innovation, identities and resistance: The social construction of an innovation network Aa:100 363
In search of strategic operations research/management science Af:100 365
Does Hollywood make too many R-rated movies? Risk, stochastic, dominance and the illusion of expectation Ag:000 367
An integrated system solution for supply chain optimization in the chemical process industry Ah:120 369
An evaluation of flexible workday policies in job shops Ba:130 373
Overcoming the dark side of worker flexibility Ba:130 375
Identity regulation as organizational control: Producing the appropriate individual Bc:130 377
Work relationships in telephone call centers: Understanding emotional exhaustion and employee withdrawal Bc:130 379
An integrated operations performance metric Bd:140 381
Nurturing professional growth through cognitive mapping: An Asian multinational manager’s perspective Bf:130 385
Anatomy of the anatomy of racial inequality Bz:130 387
Multiobjective fuzzy regression with central tendency and possibilistic properties Cb:000 389
Nature reserve site selection to maximize expected species covered Cb:240 391
A survey of communication protocol testing Cc:000 393
Solution of a min-max vehicle routing problem Cc:220 395
The arc routing and scheduling problem with transshipment Cc:220 397
Cutting and reuse: An application from automobile component manufacturing Cd:150 399
A two phase optimization technique for XML queries with multiple regular path expressions Cd:160 401
Shop performance implications of using cells, partial cells and remainder cells Cz:150 403
Economic reforms in India since 1991: Has gradualism worked? Db:230 405
The inheritance of inequality Db:230 409
Using simulation to design an automated underground system for transporting freight around Schiphol Airport De:250 413
Agent-based planning and simulation of combined railroad transport De:250 415
Managing learning and turnover in employee staffing Df:130 417
Pricing access services Df:140 421
Testing theories of choice under risk: Estimation of individual functionals Ea:000 425
Multi-attribute decision model for assessing components of total quality management Ea:100 429
Close encounters of two kinds: False alarms and dashed hopes Ea:130 433
Pricing of information products on online servers: Issues, models and analysis Ea:140 435
Campaign planning for multi-stage batch processes in the chemical industry Ed:150 437
Do life-saving regulations save lives? Ez:230 441
Digital signatures Fa:100 443
A study of the transiently chaotic neural network for combinatorial optimization Fb:000 445
Website usability, design and performance metrics Fc:000 449
Measuring factors that influence the success of internet commerce Fc:100 453
Framework of effective website design for business-to-consumer internet commerce Fc:130 457
Businesses as buildings: Metrics for the architectural quality of internet businesses Fc:160 461
IT alignment and firm performance in small manufacturing firms Fd:160 463
A testing approach for large system portfolios in industrial environments Fd:160 465
A decision-tree-based symbolic rule induction system for text categorization Fd:160 467
An optimization approach to plan for reusable software components Fe:000 469