OR/MS / Volume 43 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Strategy creation in the periphery: Inductive versus deductive strategy making Af:100 481
Shifting innovation to users via toolkits Af:100 483
How much does the market value an improvement in product attribute? Af:170 487
Strategic practices: An activity theory perspective on continuity and change Af:220 491
Organization design Ag:100 495
Family communication and children’s purchasing influence: A cross-national examination Ba:100 499
The transfer of experience in groups of organizations: Implications for performance and competition Bb:130 503
Creating integrative solutions in conflict episodes Bc:130 505
Breaking through the clutter: Benefits of advertisement originality and familiarity for brand attention and memory Bc:140 509
The impact of human resource management practices on operational performance: Recognizing country and industry differences Bd:130 513
Behavioral integrity: The perceived alignment between managers’ words and deeds as a research focus Bd:130 517
Cultural values and important possessions: A cross-cultural analysis Bz:100 521
Neuro-fuzzy and genetic algorithm in multiple response optimization Ca:000 525
A comparative study of using grey relational analysis in multiple attribute decision making problems Cb:000 527
Dynamic portfolio selection of NPD programs using marginal returns Cb:110 529
Modeling multistage cutting stock problems Cb:150 531
Planning and scheduling in the process industry Cc:100 535
A network model for airline cabin crew scheduling Cc:130 537
Advanced production scheduling for batch plants in process industries Cc:150 539
Mobile data and transaction management Cc:250 543
Product design with multiple quality-type attributes Cd:170 547
A simulated annealing methodology to distribution network design and management Cf:000 549
Capacity management in decentralized networks Cz:150 551
Is India’s economic growth leaving the poor behind? Db:230 553
Intergenerational inequality: A sociological perspective Db:230 557
Soft set theory Dc:000 561
Measuring heterogeneous reservation prices for product bundles Df:110 563
The aroma of Tacoma: Time-varying average derivatives and the effect of a superfund site on house prices Df:230 567
Deconstructing the pioneer’s advantage: Examining vintage effects and consumer valuations of quality and variety Dz:150 571
Decision support for allocating scarce drugs Ea:280 575
Was there a Riverside miracle? A hierarchical framework for evaluating programs with grouped data Ec:220 579
Assessing the effects of operational processes and information systems on inventory performance Ed:150 581
Two-class voting: A mechanism for conflict resolution Ez:100 583
Do better customers utilize electronic distribution channels? The case of PC banking Fc:100 585
Online trust: A stakeholder perspective, concepts, implications and future directions Fc:160 587
Online analytical mining of path traversal patterns for web measurement Fc:160 589
Issues in implementing ERP: A case study Fd:160 591