OR/MS / Volume 43 / Issue 6

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Empirical analysis of the innovation phenomena in the sports equipment industry Ab:100 601
Managing the multiple identities of the corporation Ac:100 603
Innovation and strategic divergence: An empirical study of the US pharmaceutical industry from 1920 to 1960 Af:280 605
On organizational becoming: Rethinking organizational change Ag:100 607
Spanning the continuum between marketing and operations Ag:140 611
Supply chains and compatibility among components in product design Ah:140 613
e-business and supply chain management Ah:160 619
Dynamic nature of trust in virtual teams Bc:130 621
Virtual team trust: Instrument development and validation in an IS educational environment Bc:160 623
Individual centrality and performance in virtual R&D groups: An empirical study Bc:170 625
The effects of worker learning, forgetting and heterogeneity on assembly line productivity Bf:130 629
Learning by doing something else: Variation, relatedness and the learning curve Bf:130 631
Why is there so little money in US politics? Bz:270 633
The functional localization of neural networks using genetic algorithms Ca:000 637
Traffic knowledge management policy Cc:120 639
An ant colony optimization algorithm to solve a 2-machine bicriteria flowshop scheduling problem Cc:150 641
Flow management to optimize retail profits at theme parks Cc:210 643
Two-dimensional packing problems: A survey Cd:000 647
How best to hand out money: Issues in the design and structure of intergovernmental aid formulas Cd:110 651
Outsourcing logistics: Designing transportation contracts between a manufacturer and a transporter Cg:120 655
Pricing retail services Db:140 659
Two alternative models for farm management: Discrete versus continuous time horizon Db:240 661
Helping a victim or helping the victim: Altruism and identifiability Dc:130 663
Reduced outpatient waiting times with improved appointment scheduling: A simulation modeling approach De:220 665
Reengineering of a small assembly-to-order manufacturer: A case study Dz:150 669
How Bayer makes decisions to develop new drugs Ea:280 673
A Bayesian model for prelaunch sales forecasting of recorded music Eb:140 675
Fuzzy programming approach to multi-level programming problems Ec:000 677
Data mining techniques for customer relationship management Ec:100 681
Scientific uncertainty in advising and advocacy Ef:280 683
Mathematical analysis of a correlation-based model for orientation map formation Ez:000 685
When subordinates become IT contractors: Persistent managerial expectations in IT outsourcing Fa:160 687
Self-organized dynamic recognition states for chaotic neural networks Fb:100 689
The impact of initial consumer trust on intentions to transact with a website: A trust building model Fc:100 691
The impact of the internet and consumer motivation on evaluation of prices Fc:110 693
Trust transfer on the World Wide Web Fc:160 695
A rule-based video database system architecture Fd:160 697
Privacy protection of binary confidential data against deterministic, stochastic and insider threat Fd:160 699
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