QCAS / Volume 48 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
On the performance of geometric charts with estimated control limits 110:M 481
A review and extension of control limit methods for nonnormal distributions 110:Y 485
A computer program to calculate two-stage short-run control chart factors for (X&#772, v) and (X&#772, √ v) charts 110:Y 487
Variation charts for multivariate processes 111:Y 489
Proposed short runs multivariate control charts for the process mean 111:Y 491
A multivariate control chart for expected changes over time 111:Y 495
Improved control charts for attributes 112:Y 497
Process capability improvement for multistage processes 120:Y 499
Random sampling from low discrepancy sequences: Applications to option pricing 210:Y 501
Robust estimation in very small samples 210:Y 503
A simulation-based approach to Bayesian sample size determination for performance under a given model and for separating models 240:Y 505
The pursuit of sustainable business excellence: Guiding transformation for effective organizational change 310:Y 509
Do teams and Six Sigma go together? 332:Y 511
Running like a bottled tornado 334:A 513
The stock market’s reaction to quality certification: Empirical evidence from Spain 342:Y 515
Estimating interrater reliability examiner scoring for a state quality award 343:Y 519
Customer process approach to building loyalty 350:Y 523
A cross-cultural comparison of top management personality for TQM implementation 410:A 525
TQM readiness level perceived by the administrators working for the central organization of the Ministry of National Education in Turkey 410:A 527
Implementation obstacles for a work-development-oriented TQM strategy 410:Y 529
The role of quality tools in improving satisfaction with government 430:A 533
Cost-effectiveness based performance evaluation for suppliers and operations 440:Y 537
Setting confidence intervals for bounded parameters 511:Y 539
Goodness-of-fit tests for parametric models based on biased samples 512:Y 543
The weighted likelihood 512:Y 545
Modeling a response with self-generated and externally generated sources of variation 515:Y 547
Design optimization using ANOVA 520:Y 549
Minimal design augmentation schemes to resolve complex aliasing in industrial experiments 520:Y 551
Resistant block designs 522:Y 553
Experimental designs for constrained regions 529:Y 555
Robust stepwise regression 540:Y 557
Toe the line: No more WorldComs 610:A 559
Quality in construction: The situation of the Chilean construction industry 620:Z 561
Relationships between blanking force and part geometry vs. clearance, tool wear and sheet thickness 660:Y 565
Service quality measurement and the disconfirmation model: Taking care of interpretation 670:S 569
Examining the association between quality and productivity performance in a service organization 670:S 573
Quality management in banking services: An approach to employee and customer perceptions 670:S 575
Quality management in education: Building excellence and equity in student performance 690:T 579
Acquiring new technologies and capabilities: A grounded model of acquisition implementation 690:Y 581
Development and validation of a perceived business quality measurement instrument 710:Y 585
NASA’s experience in improving the microgravity flight development process utilizing the language processing method 740:Y 589
The importance of reliability and customization from goods to services 810:A 591
Semiparametric and parametric transformation models for comparing diagnostic markers with paired design 820:Y 593