QCAS / Volume 48 / Issue 6

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Incorporating runs rules into Hotelling’s X2 control charts 111:Y 601
A group of moving averages control plan for signaling varying location shifts 111:Y 605
Adapting EWMA control charts for batch-correlated data 111:Y 609
Bootstrap confidence limits for short-run capability indices 120:Y 613
An economic inspection interval for control of defective items in a hot rolling mill 190:M 615
Statistical control of a Six Sigma process 190:Y 617
Still rolling: Leslie Kish’s “rolling samples” and the American Community Survey 210:Y 621
On a version of cluster sampling and its practical use 210:Y 625
New paradigms (models) for probability sampling 230:Y 629
The importance of a quality culture 313:Y 633
Critical success factors of quality managers: A measurement instrument 334:A 635
Sustaining healthcare excellence through performance measurement 334:B 637
Quality in the public sector from an employee’s perspective: Results from a transnational comparison 340:Y 639
A proposed model of consumer loyalty in the retailing sector based on the Kuwaiti experience 350:Y 641
Total-costs based evaluation system of supplier quality performance 351:Y 643
Total value management in shipbuilding 410:M 645
A survey of TQM practices in the Malaysian electrical and electronic industry 410:Y 647
A study in the efficiency evaluation of total quality management activities in Korean companies 410:Y 651
Testing non-nested multivariate effect size models in meta-analysis 510:Y 655
Strategies and approaches for small area statistics 512:Y 657
Application of analysis of means (ANOM)to nested designs for improving the visualization and understanding of the sources of variation of chemical and pharmaceutical processes 520:Y 661
Operating window experiments: A novel approach to quality improvement 520:Y 665
Response surface designed experiment for door closing effort 525:Y 669
Row-column response surface designs 525:Y 673
Retrospective factorial fitting and reverse design of experiments 529:Y 675
Bias reduction in standard errors for linear regression with multi-stage samples 541:Y 677
The influence of the image of a product’s region of origin on product evaluation 640:Y 683
Manufacturing flexibility: Defining and analyzing relationships among competence, capability and customer satisfaction 660:M 685
Comparative service quality: German and American ratings across service settings 670:S 687
The variable nature of services: An empirical examination of trust and its effects on customers’ satisfaction responses to poor and good service 670:S 691
A quantitative analysis of the relationship between empowerment practices and service quality outcomes 670:S 693
The virtual integrated design method 720:Y 697
Evaluating defect estimation models with major defects 730:A 699
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