QCAS / Volume 48 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Proportional integral derivative charts for process monitoring 110:Y 241
Robustness to non-normality of the multivariate EWMA control chart 111:Y 245
The statistical design of EWMA control charts with estimated parameters 111:Y 249
Using factor effects analysis to improve statistical process control 190:Y 253
Reconciliation of asymptotics for unequal probability sampling without replacement 210:Y 255
Distribution-free tests for cluster samples of ordinal responses 210:Y 259
Are nonrespondents to health surveys less healthy than respondents? 230:B 261
Yin-yang: A dialectical approach to total quality management 311:Y 263
Developing strategic quality management: A research agenda 321:Y 265
Benchmarking in Italy: The first case study on personnel motivation and satisfaction in a health business 324:B 269
Culture surveys: Monitoring and enhancing the impact of change programs 330:Y 273
Performance measurement system 334:Y 277
The reaction of the Portuguese stock market to ISO 9000 certification 342:Y 279
Using a customer-focused approach to improve quality across the value chain: The case of Siderar 350:M 283
Customization as a business strategy: A barrier to customer integration in product development 350:Y 285
TQM adoption by hospitals in Taiwan 410:B 287
Adoption of a quality assurance scheme and its effect on firm performance: A study of Greek firms implementing ISO 9000 430:Y 289
Competitive priorities of enterprises in mainland China 490:Y 293
Robust estimators of the mode and skewness of continuous data 512:Y 297
Measuring dependency with volume tests 512:Y 303
A multiple-comparisons method based on the distribution of the root node distance of a binary tree 519:Y 305
Using Taguchi methods to improve a control scheme by adjustment of changeable settings: A case study 520:M 309
Follow-up designs to resolve confounding in multifactor experiments 520:Y 311
The role of statistical design of experiments in Six Sigma: Perspectives of a practitioner 520:Y 313
Missing observations in Youden square designs 522:Y 317
Analyzing unreplicated blocked or split-plot fractional factorial designs 524:Y 319
Optimal few-stage designs 529:Y 323
Methods for selecting crossover designs with applications to an experiment with two factors in a split plot 529:Y 325
Effect of service quality on post-visit intentions over time: The case of a library 620:S 329
Quality improvement of barrack life in the Republic of Korea army 620:Z 333
Modularity, product variety, production volume and component sourcing: Theorizing beyond generic prescriptions 640:Y 337
Measuring web-based service quality 650:S 339
Enhancement of web design quality through the QFD approach 650:Y 341
The impact of just-in-time production on food quality 660:M 343
Bayesian enhanced strategic decision making for reliability 820:Y 345
Nonhomogeneous birth processes and l&#8734-spherical densities, with applications in reliability theory 820:Y 349
Optimal maintenance and operation of a system with backup components 840:Y 351