QCAS / Volume 48 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Monitoring processes with data censored owing to competing risks by using exponentially weighted moving average control charts 111:Y 121
Using factor effects analysis to improve statistical process control 190:Y 123
Chain-deferred [ChDF (c1, c2)]: Two-phase inspection 220:Y 125
Improved attribute acceptance sampling plans in the presence of misclassification error 220:Y 127
Best linear invariant estimators using ranked set sampling procedure: Comparative study 230:Y 131
A perspective on tensions between external quality assurance requirements and institutional quality assurance development: A case study 319:T 133
The long and winding road: The evolution of quality management 319:Y 135
Views from below: Academics coping with quality 319:Y 137
Kanji’s business scorecard 329:Y 139
Redesigning a square peg: Total quality management performance appraisals 334:Y 143
Impact of ISO 9000 certification on quality management practices: A comparative study 342:Y 147
The impact of ISO certification on the levels of awareness and usage of quality tools and concepts: A survey of Turkish manufacturing companies 342:Y 151
First to the top 343:Y 153
Stock performance of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winning companies 343:Y 157
Customer loyalty and supplier quality competition 350:S 159
The relationship between management’s perception of total quality service and customer perceptions of service quality 350:S 163
Testing the impact of integrating TQM and DFM on the ability of small to medium size firms to respond to their customer needs 350:Y 167
The asymmetrical and nonlinear effects of store quality attributes on customer satisfaction 350:Y 169
The end of quality? 390:Y 171
Diagnosing whether northern Cyprus hotels are ready for TQM: An empirical analysis 410:S 173
The state of quality management implementation: A cross-sectional study of quality-oriented companies in Hong Kong 410:Y 175
A hospital case study supporting workforce culture re-engineering 430:B 179
Widening quality gap: A historical interpretation 440:Y 181
From audit to assessment: A national perspective on an international issue 490:T 185
Quality as politics 490:T 187
A new ranked set sample estimator of variance 515:Y 189
Regularization and statistical learning theory for data analysis 519:Y 193
The role of statistical design of experiments in Six Sigma: Perspectives of a practioner 520:Y 195
A two-stage Bayesian model selection strategy for supersaturated designs 520:Y 197
Multistratum response surface designs 525:Y 201
Robust design: A simple alternative to Taguchi’s parameter design approach 529:Y 203
Improving cross-correlation tests through re-sampling techniques 544:Y 205
A modified score function estimator for multinomial logistic regression in small samples 549:Y 207
Generalized additive multi-mixture model for data mining 551:Y 211
Learning from imprecise data: Possibilistic graphical models 552:Y 213
Process and product improvement in manufacturing systems with correlated stages 660:M 217
Optimal sorting of raw materials, based on the predicted end-product quality 660:M 221
Research opportunities in service process design 670:S 225
A study on the cognitive and affective components of service quality 670:S 229
Delivering quality, safety and security in aviation 690:Z 231