QCAS / Volume 48 / Issue 1

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Variance control charts based on gamma distribution 111:Y 13
Proposed short runs multivariate control charts for the process mean 111:Y 17
Variation charts for multivariate processes 111:Y 21
Improved control charts for attributes 112:Y 26
Evaluating process capability for geometrical toleranced parts: A practical approach 120:Y 30
Lot acceptance and compliance testing using the sample mean and an extremum 190:Y 34
Evaluating environmental performance using statistical process control techniques 190:Z 37
On new and modified ranked set sampling procedures 210:Y 41
Safety sampling: A case study 210:Y 43
A review of empirical research on total quality management using scale developing methods: An Australian perspective 230:Y 45
Understanding the cognitive processes of open-ended categorical questions and their effects on data quality 230:Y 47
Virtual inspection: Optimum sample size for POD experiment 240:Y 49
Improving the climate of teaching sessions: The use of evaluations of students and instructors 319:T 53
Does the development of mass education necessarily mean the end of quality? 319:T 55
Development of a generic quality function deployment matrix 323:Y 57
Quality assessment and the tension between teaching and research 331:A 59
Measuring the dimensions of quality in higher education 331:A 61
Creating a regional learning environment for accelerating company development and growth 331:Y 63
A quality career center 334:A 65
Motivation for ISO 14000 certification: Development of a predictive model 342:Y 67
Customers: A love/hate relationship? 350:Y 69
The quality implications of increasing the number of suppliers 351:A 71
Under-developed applications: Can end users assess quality? 359:Y 73
On the use of process management in the third world 410:Y 75
Organizational change through quality deposits 490:Y 79
Statistical modeling: The two cultures 510:Y 81
Data fusion and data grafting 519:Y 83
A class of experimental designs for estimating a response surface and variance components 525:Y 85
Multistage production to order with rework capability 660:M 87
A survey analysis of service quality for domestic airlines 670:S 91
Connecting the planners and doers 690:A 93
On today’s menu: Quality 690:Y 95
An interactive decision support system for on-line process control 720:M 97
Process mapping’s next step 740:Y 99
Reliability analysis by failure mode 830:M 101
A survey of maintenance policies of deteriorating systems 840:Y 103
Producing reliable software: An experiment 850:Y 107