QCAS / Volume 54 / Issue 5-6

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How to compare small multivariate samples using nonparametric tests 210:Y 423
Reliability inference and sample-size determination under double censoring for some two-parameter models 240:Y 425
More value to defining quality 311:Y 427
Getting to the heart of the debate: TQM and middle manager autonomy 312:A 429
The study of the antecedent factors of organizational commitment for high-tech industries in Taiwan 312:Y 431
Review of the Australian business excellence framework: A comparison of national strategies for designing, administering and promoting business excellence frameworks 313:Y 433
Towards the use of Six Sigma in software development 314:A 435
Quality assurance and the use of subject level reference points in the UK 314:A 437
Reducing exposed copper on annular rings in a PCB factory through implementation of a Six Sigma project 314:M 439
Six Sigma: Definition and underlying theory 314:Y 441
Enhancing enterprise information integration using Six Sigma 314:Y 445
Quality governance 314:Y 447
Theoretical analysis of the Six Sigma methodology 314:Y 449
Capability adjustment for gamma processes with mean shift consideration in implementing Six Sigma program 314:Y 451
Six Sigma and TQM in Taiwan: An empirical study of discriminate analysis 314:Y 455
Applying Six Sigma methodology in constructing the overall quality performance evaluation model: An example of internet game theory 314:Z 459
Policy deployment: A review and comparisons of two practices models 319:Y 463
Model for establishing a quality culture in a major private security company 321:A 465
Planning and controlling business succession planning using quality function deployment 323:Y 467
The relationship of performance with soft factors and quality improvement 324:A 469
Performance improvement after implementing the balanced scorecard: A large hospital’s experience in Taiwan 324:B 471
New product development through multifunctional teamwork: An analysis of development process towards quality excellence 332:A 473
The quality of group tacit knowledge 332:Y 475
Psychological system for work well-being: On measuring work stress by casual pathway 333:A 477
Factors affecting professional job mastery: Quality of study or work experience? 334:A 479
An international comparison of the perceptions about the revised ISO 9000 quality system standards 342:Y 481
ISO 14000 environmental management system in construction: An examination of its application in Turkey 342:Z 483
The impact of Bologna Process on the development of the Greek quality assurance system 349:Y 485
Measuring CRM effectiveness: Construct development, validation and application of a process-oriented model 350:A 487
An examination of ISO 9000:2000 and supply chain quality assurance 350:Y 489
Continuous improvement in the supply chain 351:A 493
Competitive advantages created by a cluster collaboration network for supplier management in notebook PC production 351:M 495
Signaling quality through specialization 390:Y 497
Economic design of an integrated process control procedure with repeated adjustments and EWMA monitoring 440:Y 499
An empirical research on the relationship between human capital and innovative capability: A study on Taiwan’s commercial banks 490:A 503
The influence of Total Quality Management practices on the transformation of how organisations work 490:Y 505
A sequential Bayesian control model for influenza-like illness and early detection of international outbreaks 512:Y 507
Order statistics and test duration 519:Y 511
Impact of quality on competitive advantage and organizational performance 600:Y 515
The role of quality in e-procurement performance: An empirical analysis 620:Y 517
A study on medical services quality and its influence upon value of care and patient satisfaction – Focusing upon outpatients in a large-sized hospital 670:B 521
Managing service systems with an offline waiting option and customer abandonment 670:S 525
The impact of e-service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty on e-marketing: Moderating effect of perceived Quality 670:S 529
A transformation function corresponding to IPA and gap analysis 670:S 531
Delighting customers: An exploration into the discriminating factors 670:S 533
Building European-level Quality Assurance Structures: Views from Within ENQA 680:T 535
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The review of the Australian universities quality agency 680:T 537
Student satisfaction surveys: The value in taking an historical perspective 680:T 539
Regional quality assurance activity in higher education in Southeast Asia: Its characteristics and driving forces 680:T 541
How can evaluation fail? The case of Italian universities 680:T 543
The causal relationship between service quality, corporate image and adult’s learning satisfaction and loyalty: A study of professional training programmes in Taiwanese vocational institute 680:T 545
Implementation of relationship quality for CRM performance: Acquisition of BPR learning and organizational learning 690:A 547
Estimating the turning point of a bathtub-shaped failure distribution 820:Y 549
A two-stage controlling procedure for the exponential failure process with high reliability 820:Y 551
Improving reliability of cooperative concurrent systems with exception flow analysis 820:Y 553
Predicating of defects in software developing process 850:Y 557
Toward a theory of the linkages between safety and quality 860:Y 561
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