QCAS / Volume 54 / Issue 3

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A case study in monitoring hospital-associated infections with count control charts 110:B 183
A weighted CUSUM chart for detecting patterned mean shifts 110:Y 185
Multivariate Bayesian control chart 111:Y 187
Statistical process monitoring of nonlinear profiles using wavelets 130:Y 189
Statistical quality control for DNA microarray data: A model of type I error 190:B 193
The “coupon collector’s problem” and quality control 210:Y 197
The application of quality function deployment to user interface design 323:A 201
Team charters: Theoretical foundations and practical implications for quality and performance 332:A 203
A systematic approach to reduce human and system-related errors causing customer dissatisfaction in a production environment 334:A 205
Constructs and systems: Connecting strategy deployment and performance excellence 334:A 207
A performance measurement system for SMEs taking part in Quality Award Programmes 334:Y 209
Small change, big payoff: Minor revisions in ISO 9001:2008 can lead to major benefits 342:Y 213
ISO-lating the problem: In need of management systems, healthcare organizations turn to ISO 9001:2000 342:Y 215
ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards: A projection model for the decline phase 342:Y 217
Out of sight…Out of mind: When outsourcing, make sure quality isn’t left behind 350:A 221
Study on customer satisfaction of shopping center 350:Y 223
A simple plan: 10 tips for deploying a sustainable quality system with overseas partners 351:Y 225
An empirical study on antecedents of aggregates customer satisfaction: Cross-country findings 359:A 227
Building from the basics: Master these quality tolls and do your job better 430:Y 229
The power of balance: Studying trade-off relationships to calculate cost of quality 440:Y 231
Management mistakes as causes of corporate crises: Managerial implications for countries in transition 490:Y 233
Calculated decisions: An alternative to data transformation is to find a non-normal distribution 510:Y 235
The epic story of maximum likelihood 512:Y 237
Product and process optimization through design of experiments: A case study 520:Y 239
Follow-up designs to resolve confounding in split-plot experiments 520:Y 241
Making tradeoffs in designing scientific experiments: A case study with multi-level factors 520:Y 243
A post-fractionated strip-strip-block design for multi-stage processes 520:Y 245
Product and process improvement using mixture-process variable methods and robust optimization techniques 549:Y 249
An innovative method of project management: A new concept on talent flow 630:A 253
The sound of silence in online feedback: Estimating trading risks in the presence of reporting bias 640:Y 255
A new approach to measuring information system quality 650:A 257
Statistics in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing 660:B 261
Reconceptualizing the effects of lean production costs with evidence from the F-22 program 660:Z 267
Understanding healthcare clinical process and outcome measures and their use in the Baldrige Award application process 670:B 271
Dimension of service quality in tourism – An Indian perspective 670:S 273
The influence of situational learning orientation, autonomy, and voice on error making: The case of resident physicians 680:B 275
A review of healthcare, public health and syndromic surveillance 690:B 277
Cause and effect: Fault tree analysis assesses what leads to an event 740:Y 279
Bayes inference for general repairable systems 820:Y 281
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