QCAS / Volume 54 / Issue 1-2

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A new EWMA chart for monitoring process dispersion 111:Y 19
Bivariate control charts with double sampling 111:Y 21
A sensitivity study on the bootstrap confidence interval of the capability index Cpk 120:Y 23
Estimation of process parameters to determine the optimum diagnosis interval for control of defective items 130:Y 25
Bright idea: Using SPC could help prevent the next blackout 130:Y 27
Symbolic computations of moments of sampling distributions 210:Y 29
Gibbs sampling, exponential families and orthogonal polynomials 210:Y 31
Model–based inference for two-stage cluster samples subject to nonignorable item nonresponse 290:Y 33
Starting from scratch 311:Y 35
Two decades of using Kano’s theory of attractive quality: A literature review 311:Y 37
Juran’s Lectures to Japanese Executives in 1954: A perspective and some contemporary lessons 311:Y 39
A less costly billing process: Using lean Six Sigma to reduce errors 314:Y 41
Lean Six Sigma’s evolution: Integrated method uses different deployment models 314:Y 43
Outcomes of quality assurance: A discussion of knowledge, methodology and validity 319:Y 45
Controlling for quality: Climate, leadership and behavior 332:Y 47
Building bridges between researchers and practitioners: A collaborative approach to research in performance excellence 334:A 49
Driven by metrics 334:Y 51
The true test of loyalty 339:Y 53
Institutional audits: A comparison of the experiences of the three South African universities 341:Y 55
Evaluators of higher education in Germany: Are they ‘fit for purpose’? 349:T 57
TQM and teamwork effectiveness: The intermediate role of organizational design 410:Y 59
Improving the definition and quantification of quality costs 440:Y 63
Raising the bar 440:Y 65
Who is keeping score 490:Y 67
Conflict and complexity: Problem solving and logical thinking techniques could have saved NASA’s Challenger 490:Y 69
Ideas and realities: Investigating good practice in the management of transnational English language programmes for the higher education sector 490:Y 71
Quality evaluation of the Brazilian higher education system: Relevance, diversity, equity and effectiveness 490:Y 73
On estimation of variance in successive sampling 510:Y 75
The reality of residual analysis 510:Y 77
Censored Kullback-Leibler information and goodness-of-fit test with type II censored data 511:Y 79
Two probabilistic estimations in robust optimization 512:Y 81
The Dantzig selector: Statistical estimation when P is much larger than n 512:Y 83
Small sample distribution of the likelihood ration test in the random effects model 512:Y 85
Masking effect of inliers 514:Y 87
Variance estimation in complex survey sampling for generalized linear models 515:Y 89
A Bayesian procedure for assessing process performance based on expected relative loss with asymmetric tolerances 519:Y 93
Analysis of optimization experiments 520:Y 97
Bayesian inference and life testing plan for the Weibull distribution in presence of progressive censoring 520:Y 99
Covariate balance in simple stratified and clustered comparative studies 529:Y 101
Sampling bias and logistic models 540:Y 103
Testing for equal predictability of stationary ARMA processes 544:Y 111
An adjusted boxplot for skewed distributions 552:Y 113
What impacts the impact of rare events 590:Y 115
Development of e-service quality measure for internet-based financial institutions 670:A 119
An alternative approach in service quality: An e-banking case study 670:S 121
SERVCESS: A parsimonious instrument to measure service quality and information system success 670:S 123
Measuring quality in higher education: Can a performance indicator approach be extended to identifying the quality of students’ union provision? 680:T 125
Evaluation and quality assurance in Finnish and Italian universities in the Bologna process 680:T 127
‘Strategic repositioning of institutional frameworks’: Balancing competing demands within the modular UK higher education environment 680:T 129
Robust performance indicators for non-completion in higher education 680:Y 131
Transaction management issues in web service-oriented electronic commerce systems: Performance evaluation 700:Y 133
System reliability and weighted lattice polynomials 820:Y 135
Bayesian estimation of shift point in Weibull distribution 820:Y 137
A simulation model to develop QoS control strategies for application servers 850:S 139
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