QCAS / Volume 54 / Issue 4

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Reduction of control-chart signal variability for high-quality processes 110:Y 303
An empirical assessment of the EFQM excellence model: Evaluation as a TQM framework relative to the MBNQA Model 310:Y 307
TQM’s contribution to marketing implementation and firm’s competitiveness 319:Y 309
Psychosocial system for work well-being: On measuring work stress by casual pathway 333:A 311
The effects of transformational and transactional leadership on quality improvement 333:Y 313
Alternative arguments and directions for studying performance measurement 334:A 315
Psychological work conditions and work stress in an innovating addiction treatment centre: Consequences for the EFQM excellence model 339:B 317
Human touch: Making the human element a necessary part of the critical to quality tree 339:Y 319
Are companies that implement TQM better learning organizations? An empirical study 339:Y 321
Business ethics in tourism – As a dimension of TQM 339:Y 323
A statistical analysis of ISO 9000-related data for European Union ultra-peripheral and Portuguese regions 342:Y 325
Empirical investigation of ISO 9001 quality management systems’ impact organizational learning and process performances 342:Y 327
Building personalized relationships with customers via emails 350:S 329
Implementing supply chain quality management 351:A 331
The perceived impact of quality assurance systems on tomato supply chain performance 351:Y 333
Back in circulation: Free up assets and reinvest them in the community to achieve true SR 390:Y 337
Excellence profiles in Spanish firms with quality management systems 410:Y 339
Continuous improvement of performance measurement by TQM adopters 410:Y 343
A research on the measurement of quality costs in the Turkish food manufacturing industry 440:Y 345
Comparative analysis of quality costs and organization sizes in the manufacturing environment 440:Y 347
The direct and indirect impact of product quality on financial performance: A causal model 440:Y 349
A dynamic model of brand choice when price and advertising signal product quality 490:Y 351
Modeling of Taguchi’s signal-to-noise ratios for healthcare 520:B 353
Capabilities unveiled: The role of ordinary activities in the evolution of product development processes 640:Y 355
Does labour quality matter on productivity growth? The case of the Taiwanese manufacturing industry 660:A 357
Examining the development, delivery and measurement of service quality in the fitness industry: A case study 670:S 359
How to improve service quality: Internal marketing as a determining factor 670:S 361
Conceptualizing the perceived service quality of public utility services: A multi-level, multi-dimensional model 670:S 363
The service-profit chain: A review and extension 670:S 365
Can’t fix service quality? Read this 670:S 367
Students’ perceptions of service quality in higher education 680:S 369
Quality assurance strategies of higher education in Iraq and Kurdistan: A case study 680:T 371
The ranking of higher education institutions: A deduction or delusion? 680:T 373
Management and academic freedom in higher educational institutions: Implications for quality education in Uganda 680:T 375
An exploratory use of the stakeholder approach to defining and measuring quality: The case of a Cypriot higher education institution 680:T 377
Practice what you teach: College promotes, executes sustainable approach to education 690:Y 379
Predictability of impending online auction business failure: A p-chart analysis 690:Y 381
A framework for building quality into construction projects – Part I 690:Y 383
A review of statistical methods for quality improvement and control in nanotechnology 720:Y 385
FMEA minus the pain: Splitting the assessment into two phases eliminates some challenges 830:Y 387
Costs of quality and maintenance: Improvement approaches 840:Y 389
A framework to support the evaluation, adoption and improvement of agile methods in practice 850:Y 391
Understanding the effectiveness of capability maturity model integration by examining the knowledge management of software development processes 850:Y 393
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