OR/MS / Volume 46 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Learning through alliances: General Motors and NUMMI Af:100 241
Firm performance and the strategic fit of manufacturing technology Af:150 245
Industry clockspeed and the pace of new product development Af:170 247
Managing formation processes in R&D consortia Af:170 251
A pattern of enhancing innovative knowledge capabilities: Case study of a Chinese telecom manufacturer Af:250 255
A healthy hybrid: The technological dynamism of minority-state-owned firms in China Af:270 257
Speed and search: Designing organizations for turbulence and complexity Ag:100 259
Development and validation of a measurement instrument for studying supply chain management practices Ah:120 263
Order quantity and timing flexibility in supply chains: The role of demand characteristics Ah:140 267
Modeling the microeffects of television advertising: Which ad works, when, where, for how long and why? Bc:140 271
The impact of high performance work on industry-level outcomes Bd:130 273
Specialist or generalist: Views from academia and industry Bf:000 277
Is there a market for virtue? The business case for corporate social responsibility Bz:110 279
Market orientation in a multiple stakeholder orientation context: Implications for marketing capabilities and assets Bz:140 281
Personalized pricing and quality differentiation Bz:140 283
Rank from comparisons and from ratings in the analytic hierarchy/network processes Cb:000 285
Analytic hierarchy process: An overview of applications Cb:100 287
The shift team formation problem in multi-shift manufacturing operations Cb:150 289
The single-node dynamic service scheduling and dispatching problem Cc:120 293
A general purpose algorithm for three-dimensional packing Cd:000 295
Retailer’s optimal pricing and lot-sizing policies for deteriorating items with partial backlogging Cd:140 297
Dynamic transport scheduling under multiple resource constraints Cg:110 299
Are laterborns more innovative and nonconforming consumers than firstborn? A Darwinian perspective Db:130 301
Search strategies for failure cascade paths in power system graphs Dc:000 303
Game theoretic applications in supply chain management: A review Dc:110 305
An effective integrated inventory model to coordinate inventory replenishment and shipment consolidation Dd:100 307
Queueing network models of credit-based flow control Dd:110 309
Single item lot sizing problems Dd:150 311
Agent-based flow control for HLA components De:000 315
Principles for user design of customized products Dz:140 319
Integration of pricing and capacity allocation for perishable products Ea:140 323
The application of fuzzy synthetic decision approach to brand evaluation Ec:140 325
Behavioral outcomes from online auctions: Reserve price, reserve disclosure and initial bidding influences in the decision process Ef:000 327
Information technology at IKEA: An “open sesame” solution or just another type of facility? Fa:160 331
Web personalization as a persuasion strategy: An elaboration likelihood model perspective Fc:140 333
Rationing via drop-shipping in internet retailing: A sensitivity analysis Fc:150 335
Sizing backbone internet links Fc:150 337
Optimal software development: A control theoretic approach Fe:160 339
Two controlled experiments concerning the comparison of pair programming to peer review Fe:160 341
De-marketing obesity Z:140 345
Making skies safer – Applying operations research to aviation passenger prescreening systems Z:270 347