OR/MS / Volume 46 / Issue 1

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New evidence regarding organizational downsizing and a firm’s financial performance: A long-term analysis Ac:110 13
Structural flexibility: A new perspective on the design of manufacturing and service operations Ac:150 17
The impact of managerial rationality on the organizational paradigm: Role models in the management of innovation Af:100 21
Measuring nonprofit marketing strategy performance: The case of museum stores Af:140 23
The influence of strategic dimensions and the environment on the introduction of internet as innovation into small and medium-sized enterprises Af:160 25
Legitimizing first: Organizing activities and the survival of new ventures Af:170 27
The impact of organizational culture and reshaping capabilities on change implementation success: The mediating role of readiness for change Ag:100 31
Dynamic, customer-oriented improvement of supply networks Ah:150 35
Urban security in the United States: An overview Az:250 37
Improvisation and innovative performance in teams Bc:170 41
Generalized exchange and propensity for military service: The moderating effect of prior military exposure Be:260 43
Industrial sellers’ relational behavior: Relational styles and their impact on relationship quality Bz:140 47
Crafting brand authenticity: The case of luxury wines Bz:140 49
The impact of check sequencing on NSF (not-sufficient funds) fees Cb:110 51
When to refinance a mortgage: A dynamic programming approach Cb:230 55
A goal programming application for Army officer accession planning Cb:260 57
Scheduling multiple parts in two-machine dual-gripper robot cells: Heuristic algorithm and performance guarantee Cc:150 61
America West Airlines develops efficient boarding strategies Cc:210 65
Implementing a production schedule at LKAB’s Kiruna Mine Cc:240 67
A Florida county locates disaster recovery centers Cd:250 69
The US Army uses a network optimization model to designate career fields for officers Cd:260 73
Slow Dutch auctions Dc:000 75
A learning real options framework with application to process design and capacity planning Dd:150 77
Analyses of serial production line systems for interdeparture time variability and WIP inventory systems Dd:150 79
Meta-synthesis approach to complex system modeling Ea:000 83
A structured modeling technology Ea:000 87
An overview of quality, purchasing and just-in-time interactions Ee:150 91
The benefits of advance booking discount programs: Model and analysis Ef:110 93
Information systems project prioritization using data envelopment analysis Fa:100 97
A systems approach to appraisal mechanisms in emotion Fb:130 99
Customer targeting: A neural network approach guided by genetic algorithms Fb:140 103