OR/MS / Volume 46 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Designing the boundaries of the firm: From “make, buy or ally” to the dynamic benefits of vertical architecture Ac:100 361
Organization design and effectiveness over the innovation life cycle Ac:100 363
Organization design and effectiveness over the innovation life cycle Ac:100 367
Managing task interdependencies in multi-team projects: A longitudinal study Ad:100 369
Managing uncertainty in major equipment procurement in engineering projects Ad:100 373
The targeting of advertising Ae:140 375
The well-timed strategy: Managing the business cycle Af:100 377
Regional industrial identity: Cluster configuration and economic development Af:110 379
Mandates and technology acceptance: A tale of two enterprise technologies Af:170 381
A garage and an idea: What more does an entrepreneur need? Ag:170 385
Build-to-order supply chain management: A literature review and framework for development Ah:120 387
Optimizing the supply chain configuration for new products Ah:170 389
‘Kindergarten cop’: Paternalism and resistance in a high-commitment workplace Ba:130 393
The fallacy of misplaced leadership Bb:130 397
Project teams: How good are they? Bc:100 399
The impact of gender similarity on employee satisfaction at work: A review and reevaluation Bc:130 401
The antecedents of middle managers’ strategic contribution: The case of a professional bureaucracy Bd:130 403
IT human resource management configurations and IT turnover: Theoretical synthesis and empirical analysis Bz:160 405
Undocumented immigration and host-country welfare: Competition across segmented labor markets Bz:270 407
Intelligent partitioning for feature selection Cb:000 409
Maintenance optimization of equipment by linear programming Cb:190 411
Ranking sports teams: A customizable quadratic assignment approach Cb:220 413
On the hierarchical Chinese postman problem with linear ordered classes Cd:000 415
Conditioning prices on purchase history Cd:140 417
The dynamics of price, quality and productivity improvement decisions Cz:110 419
Using capital markets as market intelligence: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industry Db:140 421
Capacity management in rental businesses with two customer bases Dd:100 425
Value at risk and inventory control Dd:150 429
MASON: A multiagent simulation environment De:000 433
Survey of research in the design and control of automated guided vehicle systems De:220 435
In search of the magic lasso: The truth about the polygraph Dz:290 437
Dividend changes do not signal changes in future profitability Eb:110 439
Forecasts from nonrandom samples: The election night case Eb:270 441
An optimization technique for image compression Ec:280 447
Performance evaluation of the remanufacturing system with consideration for remanufacturing opportunities Ed:150 449
A review of techniques for treating missing data in OM survey research Ee:000 451
Importance sampling for portfolio credit risk Ef:110 455
Ephedra Ef:280 461
Ensuring access to emergency services in the presence of long internet dial-up calls Fc:220 465