OR/MS / Volume 46 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Stages of corporate citizenship Aa:100 481
Perception of foreignness: Benefit or liability? Af:140 483
Role change of design engineers in product development Af:170 485
In search of complementarity in innovation strategy: Internal R&D and external knowledge acquisition Af:170 489
Gales of creative destruction and the opportunistic incumbent: The case of electric vehicles in California Ag:100 493
Supplier-supplier relationships in the buyer-supplier triad: Building theories from eight case studies Ah:100 497
Assessing the science-society relation: The case of the US National Science Foundation’s second merit review criterion Az:280 501
Knowledge communities and knowledge collectivities: A typology of knowledge work in groups Bc:100 503
Transactive memory systems, learning and learning transfer Bd:100 507
Breaking down the wall of codes: Evaluating non-financial performance measurement Bd:130 511
Quantitative guidelines for urban sustainability Bz:220 513
Urbanization in developing countries: Current trends, future projections and key challenges for sustainability Bz:220 517
Combining path relinking and genetic algorithms for the multiple-level warehouse layout problem Ca:120 521
Pareto ant colony optimization with ILP preprocessing in multiobjective project portfolio selection Cb:100 525
Application of fuzzy multiple goal programming on the selection for power plants considering site and environmental constraints Cb:240 527
A Petri nets-based scheduling methodology for multipurpose batch plants Cc:150 531
Optimum operation control for multiple machining projects under fixed production interval Cc:150 535
Reinventing crew scheduling at Netherlands Railways Cc:220 539
State-of-the-art exact and heuristic solution procedures for simple assembly line balancing Cd:150 542
How not to fund hospital and community health services in England Cd:220 546
Economic production cycles and setup reduction in an imperfect production system Db:150 549
Managing new and remanufactured products Dc:170 553
Merrill Lynch improves liquidity risk management for revolving credit lines De:110 555
Managing piracy: Pricing and sampling strategies for digital experience goods in vertically segmented markets Ea:140 559
The optimizer’s curse: Skepticism and postdecision surprise in decision analysis Ed:100 563
Quantifying factors affecting quality of service in mobile ad hoc networks Fa:100 567
Cheap talk and bogus network externalities in the emerging technology market Fa:100 571
The impact of e-commerce on competition in the retail brokerage industry Fc:110 575
Modelling corporate wireless security and privacy Fc:120 579
Comparative analysis of technologies used on Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 corporate websites Fc:160 583