OR/MS / Volume 46 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
A framework for addressing the organizational issues of enterprise systems implementation Ad:100 121
When not all conflict is bad: Manufacturing-marketing conflict and strategic incentive design Af:140 123
Developing strategic orientation in China: Antecedents and consequences of market and innovation orientations Af:170 127
A regional innovation system in a small-sized region: A clustering model in Zhongguancun Science Park Af:220 131
Biotech-pharmaceutical alliances as a signal of asset and firm quality Af:280 133
Exits and expectations: Why disappointed franchisees leave Ah:100 135
Reinventing the supplier negotiation process at Motorola Ah:150 137
Is out of sight, out of mind? An empirical study of social loafing in technology-supported groups Bc:130 141
Attribute drivers: A factor analytic choice map approach for understanding choices among SKUs Bc:140 145
Pay disparities within top management groups: Evidence of harmful effects on performance of high technology firms Bd:160 147
Eliciting informative feedback: The peer-prediction method Bz:130 151
Can customer satisfaction decrease price sensitivity in business-to-business markets Bz:140 155
Benchmarking marketing productivity using data envelopment analysis Cb:140 157
Genetic local search for multi-objective flowshop scheduling problems Cc:000 159
The selection and scheduling of telecommunications calls with time windows Cc:000 161
Dispatching vehicles in a mega container terminal Cc:220 165
Solving large multiple-depot multiple-vehicle-type bus scheduling problems in practice Cc:220 169
Data gold mining: MIDAS and journey time predictors Cg:250 173
Dynamic power control in a wireless static channel subject to a quality-of-service constraint Da:000 175
Time/memory trade-off: A survey Dc:000 177
Building reduced Petri net models of discrete manufacturing systems De:000 179
Sales territory design: Thirty years of modeling and implementation (Published as the 3004 ISMS Practice Prize winner) Df:280 183
Investment in facility changeover flexibility for early entry into high-tech markets Dz:140 185
Reliability models for facility location: The expected failure cost case Ee:120 189
Linguistic database summaries and their protoforms: Towards natural language based knowledge discover tools Fb:000 191
Designing software architectures to facilitate accessible web applications Fb:160 193
Lying on the web: Implications for expert systems redesign Fc:000 197
Global village or cyber-balkans? Modeling and measuring the integration of electronic communities Fc:100 201
A model of consumer web navigational behavior: Conceptual development and application Fc:130 205
On data reliability assessment in accounting information systems Fd:110 207
Market for software vulnerabilities? Think again Fd:160 209
The value of intrusion detection systems in information technology security architecture Fd:160 213
Bi-directional safety analysis of product lines Fe:160 217
Automatic detection and correction of programming faults for software applications Fe:160 221
Analyzing bioterror response logistics: The case of anthrax Z:120 223
Understanding technologies of terror Z:170 225