OR/MS / Volume 46 / Issue 6

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Building organization theory from the first principles: The self-enhancement motive and understanding power and influence Ac:100 601
Social capital, geography and survival: Gujarati immigrant entrepreneurs in the US lodging industry Af:100 603
Competitive environmental strategies: When does it pay to be green? Af:100 607
The making of a “hot product”: A signaling explanation of marketers’ scarcity strategy Af:140 609
The personal computer and entrepreneurship Af:170 611
Cognition and hierarchy: Rethinking the microfoundations of capabilities’ development Ag:100 613
The value palette: A tool for full spectrum strategy Ag:100 617
Reverse channel design: The case of competing retailers Ah:120 621
Conspicuous consumption and sophisticated thinking Bc:140 625
Simulating stakeholder support in a policy process: An application to river management Bc:240 627
Sustainable cities: Safety and security Bz:220 631
How to fall in love with your home town Bz:220 633
A genetic algorithmic approach on a deterministic inventory model for deteriorating items with shortages Ca:150 637
System-optimal routing of traffic flows with user constraints in networks with congestion Cc:120 641
A single-machine bicriterion scheduling problem with setup times Cc:150 643
Maximizing federal natural gas royalties Cc:240 647
Customized products: A competitive analysis Dc:150 649
Subjective probability assessment in decision analysis: Partition dependence and bias toward the ignorance prior Ea:000 653
Consumers’ moral philosophies: Identifying the idealist and the relativist Ea:130 655
Risky choices and correlated background risk Ef:130 657
Less likely to fail: Low performance, firm size and factory expansion in the shipbuilding industry Ef:150 659
Simulation and performance evaluation of a public safety wireless network: Case study Fa:100 663
Price competition with reduced consumer switching costs: The case of “wireless number portability” in the cellular phone industry Fa:140 667
Sales force use of technology: Antecedents to technology acceptance Fa:140 671
Psychological contract violation in online marketplaces: Antecedents, consequences and moderating role Fc:110 675
Comparative analysis of technologies used on Fortune 500 and INC 500 corporate websites Fc:160 679
Management of knowledge intensive systems as supernetworks: Modeling, analysis, computations and applications Fd:160 683
IT outsourcing configuration: Research into defining and designing outsourcing arrangements Fd:160 687
Management of the service-oriented-architecture life cycle Fe:160 689
Mobile music business in Japan and Korea: Copyright management institutions as a reverse salient Fz:110 693
Agency problems in law enforcement: Theory and application to the US Coast Guard Z:240 697
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