QCAS / Volume 55 / Issue 1-2

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Improvement of economic integration of design with process capability index 120:Y 19
Shipping operations quality assurance for fiberglass reinforced plastics manufacturersFiller 130:M 21
The determination of economic production run length and manufacturing target by considering quality loss function 190:A 23
Inference in the presence of ranking error in ranked set sampling 210:Y 25
A new face on two-phase sampling with calibration estimators 210:Y 29
Designing permanent sample plots by using a spatially hierarchical matrix population model 210:Y 31
Change point estimation under adaptive sampling 210:Y 33
Accurate parametric inference for small samples 210:Y 37
Survey weighted hat matrix and leverages 230:Y 39
The quest for quality as guided evolution 311:Y 41
Effects of national culture on process management and technological innovation 313:Y 43
Enhancing Six Sigma implementation through human resource management 314:A 45
Improving the hospital discharge process with Six Sigma methods 314:B 47
Effect of ISO/TS 16949 on Six Sigma: The empirical case of Taiwanese automobile and related industries 314:M 49
The effects of problem structure and team diversity on brainstorming effectiveness 332:Y 51
Psychosocial system for work well-being: On measuring work stress by casual pathway 333:A 53
The role of front-line ideas in lean performance improvement 334:A 55
Illustrating the future prediction of performance based on computer code, physical experiments, and critical performance parameter samples 334:Y 57
ISO 9000/1994, ISO 9001/2000 and TQM: The performance debate revisited 342:A 59
An integration of balanced scorecards and data envelopment analysis for firm’s benchmarking management 324:A 61
Employees’ perspective on the effectiveness of ISO 9000 certification: A total quality management framework 342:A 63
An analysis of ISO 9000 data in the world and the European Union 342:Y 65
Relative impacts from product quality, service quality and experience quality on customer perceived value and intention to shop for the coffee shop market 350:A 67
Research on the trade-off relationship within quality costs: A case study 440:Y 69
A study of the validity of three major business excellence models in the Asia Pacific region 490:Y 71
Monitoring the slopes of linear profiles 510:Y 73
Explorative data analysis and CATANOVA for ordinal variables: An integrated approach 515:Y 77
Finite sample revision variances for ARIMA model-based signal extraction 515:Y 81
Reducing variation in an existing process with robust parameter design 515:Y 83
Designed experiments with fixed and varying factors – A cautionary tale 520:Y 85
Deciphering all those minimum aberration criteria for experimental designs 520:Y 87
Formulating mixed models for experiments, including longitudinal experiments 520:Y 89
Marginally restricted D-optimal designs for correlated observations 520:Y 93
Analysis of data from non-orthogonal multistratum designs in industrial experiments 520:Y 95
A designed screening study with prespecified combinations of factor settings 520:Y 97
Exact calculation of integrated prediction variance for response surface designs on cuboidal and spherical regions 525:Y 99
Order statistics for a two-level, eight-run saturated- unreplicated fractional-factorial screening 529:Y 101
Inflation of type I error rate in multiple regression when independent variables are measured with error 543:Y 103
Robust discrimination designs 549:Y 105
Bayesian nonparametric models for regional prevalence estimation 551:Y 107
Estimating distribution functions from survey data using nonparametric regression 551:Y 111
Applying Mahalanobis distance into SERVQUAL analysis – A case study of hospital outpatient 670:B 115
Quality quandaries: A gauge R & R study in a hospital 670:B 119
Knowledge sharing and customer relationship management in the travel service alliances 670:S 121
Testing a hierarchical and integrated model of quality in the service sector: Functional, relational, and tangible Dimensions 680:S 125
Criteria for accreditation in Vietnam’s higher education: Focus on input or outcome? 680:T 127
A spatio-temporal methodology for real time biosurveillance 690:B 131
Statistical issues in the assessment of health outcomes in children: A methodological review 690:B 133
Creating social change in a municipality using total quality management approach 690:Z 135
Measuring changes in quality management: An empirical analysis of Japanese manufacturing companies 710:M 137
Using Taguchi methods to improve the production process quality: A case study 720:M 141
Process improvement: Using Toyota’s A3 reports 740:A 143
Principles of exploratory data analysis in problem solving: What can we learn from a well known case? 740:Y 147
Measurement instruments control with both accuracy and precision considerations 790:Y 149
Assessment of a measurement system using repeat measurements of failing units 820:Y 151
Performability of multi-state single-element system under variable demand with C2 repair-time distributions 820:Y 153
Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for parameter estimation of the modified Weibull distribution 820:Y 155
Justification for the next generation of maintenance modeling techniques 840:Y 157
Optimal warranty policies for systems with imperfect repair 860:Y 159
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