QCAS / Volume 55 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Monitoring process mean level using auxiliary information 110:Y 307
Economic design of adaptive X-bar control charts for skewed data 111:Y 309
A sensitivity study on the bootstrap confidence interval of the capability index Cpm 120:Y 311
Quantile estimation with adaptive importance sampling 210:Y 313
Systematic sampling with errors in sample locations 210:Y 315
How reliable are income data collected with a single question? 230:Y 319
The quality volution 311:Y 321
What I talk about when I talk about quality 311:Y 323
A framework for effective Six Sigma implementation 314:Y 325
Window of opportunity 314:Y 329
Recent trends in quality assurance 319:Y 331
Quality management and cooperative values: Investigation of multilevel influence on workgroup performance 332:A 333
Knowledge as a facilitator for enhancing innovation performance through total quality management 334:Y 337
Corporate social responsibility in a global economy 339:Y 339
An integrated approach for customer satisfaction: Combining ISO 9000, QMS and PZB gap model 342:A 343
The TQM extension: Total customer relationship management 350:A 345
A study of supplier selection factors for high-tech industries in the supply chain 351:Y 347
Comparative study of TQM practices between Japanese and non-Japanese electrical and electronics companies in Malaysia: Survey results 410:Y 351
The power of TQM: Analysis of its effects on profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction 440:A 353
Measuring the return of quality investments 440:Y 355
Brewed awakening 490:Z 359
A new goodness of fit for the logistic distribution 511:Y 361
Using Bayesian networks to create synthetic data 513:A 363
Mixing fuzzy Sammon mapping and GK cluster to perform clustering 519:Y 367
Using DEA’s multi-choice method to reach multi-response optimization in Taguchi’s Problem 520:Y 369
Proposed tests for the non-decreasing alternative in a mixed design 520:Y 371
A cluster analysis selection strategy for supersaturated designs 529:Y 373
Robust nonparametric estimation for spatial regression 551:Y 375
Nonparametric Bayesian multiple testing for longitudinal performance stratification 551:Y 377
The empirical relationship between quality management and the speed of new product development 640:Y 379
Customer focus sparks 660:M 381
Examining the relationships between internal service quality and its dimensions, and internal customer satisfaction 670:S 383
Quality management in higher education: Towards a better understanding of an emerging field 680:T 387
Does the Emperor have the right (or any) clothes? The public regulation of higher education qualities over the last two decades 680:T 391
Quality meets structure: Generalized reciprocity and firm-level advantage in strategic networks 690:A 393
Managing design quality and conformance quality: Models and insights 690:Y 397
An assessment of the quality of a tourist destination: The case of Nerja, Spain 690:Y 401
Under scrutiny 740:Y 403
Score card for improvement 740:Y 405
Bayesian inference and prediction of the inverse Weibull distribution for type-II censored data 820:Y 407
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