QCAS / Volume 55 / Issue 3

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A control chart based on likelihood ratio test for detecting patterned mean and variance shifts 111:Y 185
Quality performance analysis for the whole product family with multiple characteristics: Apply the cooling pump as an example 120:Y 187
Optimization designs and performance comparison of two CUSUM schemes for monitoring process shifts in mean and variance 130:Y 189
Credible sets for risk ratios in over-reported two-sample binomial data using the double-sampling scheme 210:Y 193
A generalized method of estimation for two-stage sampling using two auxiliary variables 210:Y 195
Design of web questionnaires: The effect of layout in rating scales 230:Y 197
Organizational learning for performance excellence: A study of Branch-Smith Printing Division 311:T 201
Developing full-spectrum innovation capability for survival and success in the global economy 313:Y 205
Applying Lean Six Sigma and TRIZ methodology in banking services 314:A 209
The rhetoric and reality of ‘process control’ in organizational environments with a TQM orientation: The managers’ view 319:Y 211
Increasing the organizational performance benefits of TQM: An approach based on organizational design 330:Y 213
Leadership behavior in successful organizations: Universal or situation-dependent? 333:Y 217
Middle manager leadership and frontline employee performance: Bypass, cascading, and moderating effects 334:A 219
Ask, and ye shall receive 341:Y 223
What happened to the ISO 9000 luster? An eight-year study 342:Y 227
Business performance and customer relationship management: The effect of IT, organizational contingency and business process on Taiwanese manufacturers 359:Y 229
A novel hybrid model based on DEMATEL and ANP for selecting cost of quality model development 440:A 231
Where to start 440:A 233
The influence of cost and quality priorities on the propensity to outsource production 490:Y 235
Exact conditional tests and approximate bootstrap tests for the Von Mises distribution 511:Y 239
Anscombe’s tests of fit for the negative binomial distribution 511:Y 241
Generalized empirical likelihood methods for analyzing longitudinal data 515:Y 243
The missing link between the theory and empirics of path dependence: Conceptual clarification, testability issue, and methodological implications 519:Y 247
Box-hunter resolution in non-regular fractional factorial designs 524:Y 251
D-optimal designs with interaction coverage 529:Y 253
Elicitation of multivariate prior distributions: A nonparametric Bayesian approach 551:Y 255
The influence of top management commitment, process quality management and quality design on new product performance: A case of Malaysian manufacturers 640:Y 257
An investigation into the effects of IS quality and top management support on ERP system usage 650:Y 259
Rethinking perceived service quality: An alternative to hierarchical and multidimensional models 670:S 261
Power to people 670:S 265
Bologna and quality assurance: Progress made or pulling the wrong cart? 680:T 267
A tale of two ‘qualitys’: Reflections on the quality revolution in higher education 680:T 269
A ‘quality revolution’ constrained? A critical reflection on quality assurance methodology from the South African higher education context 680:T 271
Global customer management programs: How to make them really work 690:A 273
Knowledge management practices in Indian information technology companies 690:Y 277
Textile industry indicators for management 710:A 281
Proposed relationship of TQM and organizational performance using structured equation modeling 710:A 283
An EM algorithm for estimating the parameter of bivariate Weibull distribution under random censoring 820:Y 287
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