QCAS / Volume 47 / Issue 6

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Assignable causes and auto correlation: Control charts for observations or residuals? 110:Y 601
An accurate algorithm to compute the run length probability distribution, and its convolutions, for a CUSUM chart to control normal mean 110:Y 605
Improvement of process capability through neural networks and robust design: A case study 120:Y 609
Learning curves and p-charts for a preliminary estimation of asymptotic performances of a manufacturing process 130:M 611
SPC – a team effort for process improvement across four Area Control Centers 190:Y 615
CUSUM-based person-fit statistics for adaptive testing 190:Y 617
Generalized case-cohort sampling 210:Y 623
Monitoring of a batch continuous process using mass re-sampling 210:Y 625
Minimum average fraction inspected for TCSP-1 plan 220:Y 629
Multistage ranked set sampling 220:Y 631
Sample size for testing a proportion in clinical trials: A “two-step” procedure combining power and confidence interval expected width 240:B 633
Using the sample range as a basis for calculating sample size in power calculations 240:Y 637
Comparison of the 14 deadly diseases and the business excellence model 311:Y 641
Quality management in US higher education 320:T 643
Quality function deployment for the good of soccer 323:Z 645
Quality improvement teams that stall due to poor project selection: An exploration of contributing factors 332:A 649
Widening the Six Sigma concept: An approach to improve organizational learning 339:Y 651
ISO 9000 certification: The financial performance implications 342:Y 653
It might not be your product 350:Y 655
Customer relationships with service personnel: Do we measure closeness, quality or strength? 350:Y 657
Al Gore’s initiative of reinventing the government: The real story of total quality management in the federal government 410:A 659
Organizational quality management in emerging economies 410:Y 663
A probabilistic approach to measure hotel quality 430:S 665
An analysis of quality costs in Australian manufacturing firms 440:Y 667
Accelerated sequential risk-efficient estimation of the mean 512:Y 669
The robustness of the likelihood ratio chi-square test for structural equation models: A meta-analysis 512:Y 673
Optimal estimating equations in mixture distributions accommodating instantaneous or early failures 512:Y 677
Models of association versus causal models for contingency tables 516:Y 681
Improving nonparametric methods by bagging and boosting 549:Y 683
Nonparametric density and regression estimation 549:Y 685
A nonparametric test for size-biasedness in the data 551:Y 687
Bull or bear? 610:E 689
Measuring quality in higher education: A competency approach 630:T 691
The strategic function of quality in the management of innovation 640:Y 693
An empirical assessment and application of SERVQUAL in a mainland Chinese department store 670:S 695
Quality-based synchronization methods of multimedia objects 670:Y 697
Development of a scaling factor identification method using design of experiments for product-family-based product and process design 690:Y 701
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