QCAS / Volume 47 / Issue 1

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10 requirement for effective process control: A case study 100:Y 13
EWMA and industrial applications to feedback adjustment and control 111:Y 15
SPC: Making it work for the gas transportation business 190:Z 17
Sampling designs dependent on the sample generalized variance of auxiliary variables 210:Y 19
Bayesian estimation of the size of a population under a sequential sampling design 210:Y 21
Cochran’s rule for simple random sampling 240:Y 23
Importance sampling in Bayesian networks using probability trees 290:Y 25
Rethinking total quality management 311:Y 27
A framework for quality improvement in the transportation industry 319:S 29
A conceptual model for total quality management in service organizations 319:S 33
The problems with managing by objectives and results 319:Y 37
The development of an ideal kindergarten through concept engineering/quality function deployment 323:T 39
Audit system: Concepts and practices 341:Y 41
Concept of modern quality audit toward achieving TQM and ISO 9000 certification 341:Y 43
Satisfied customers: Profitable customer relationships: Pharmaceutical marketing: How pharmaceutical sales representatives can achieve economic success through relationship management with settled general practitioners – An empirical study 350:B 45
Investigating the relationship between service providers’ personality and customers’ perceptions of service quality across gender 350:S 47
Customer satisfaction measurement at Post Denmark: Results of application of the European Customer Satisfaction Index methodology 350:Y 51
Theory, development and implementation of national customer satisfaction indices: The Swiss Index of Customer Satisfaction 350:Y 53
Customer satisfaction in industrial markets: Dimensional and multiple role issues 350:Y 55
Forces of excellence in Kanji’s business excellence model 359:Y 59
The EFQM excellence model: German experiences with the EFQM approach in health care 410:B 61
Quality culture in small business: Four case studies 410:Y 63
A successful TQM project in China 410:Y 65
Quality-related action programs: Their impact on quality performance and firm performance 430:Y 67
Comparing quality management practices in the manufacturing and service industries: Learning opportunities 490:Y 71
Quality tools largely absent from nation’s newsrooms 490:Z 75
Three approaches to analyze quality data originating in nonnormal populations 510:Y 77
Recent and classical goodness-of-fit tests for the Poisson distribution 512:Y 79
Design issues in fractional factorial split-plot experiments 520:Y 81
Construction of third order slope rotatable designs through doubly balanced incomplete block designs 520:Y 83
Construction of orthogonal two-level designs of user-specified resolution where N &#8800 2k 529:Y 85
Correlation in a Bayesian framework 529:Y 87
On optimal third order rotatable designs 529:Y 91
Exploring some determinants of ES quality 650:Y 93
A note of SERVQUAL reliability and validity in information system service quality measurement 650:Z 95
Economic partitioning of tolerances 660:M 97
The impact of total productive maintenance practices on manufacturing performance 660:M 99
Design for the environment: A quality-based model for green product development 690:M 103
System of sustainable development indicators: Object-oriented and quality control approaches 690:Z 105
Measure for Six Sigma success 790:Y 107
Evaluating complex system reliability using reliability block diagrams: Simulation when little or no failure data are available 820:Y 109
Selective maintenance for support equipment involving multiple maintenance actions 840:Y 111
Multicriteria decision making on maintenance: Spares and contracts planning 840:Y 113