QCAS / Volume 47 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
A computer program to calculate two-stage short-run control chart factors for (X&#772, R) charts 111:Y 361
Median rankit control chart for Weibull distribution 111:Y 365
On the two stage p-chart 112:Y 369
Large-sample interval estimators for process capability indices 120:Y 371
Applying Hotelling’s T2 statistic to batch processes 130:Y 373
Beyond improved quality: The motivational effects of statistical process control 190:A 379
Robustness of robust process optimization 190:Y 381
Are they really as bad as they seem? Nonresponse rates at the end of the twentieth century 230:Y 385
A graphical approach for incorporating prior knowledge when determining a sample size for the assessment of batched products 240:Y 389
Systems approaches to total quality management 310:Y 393
Relationships between implementation of TQM, JIT and TPM and manufacturing performance 311:Y 395
Emerging elements of a world view for sustainable quality 319:A 397
Six Sigma black belts: What do they need to know? 319:Y 399
Using employee satisfaction measurement to improve people management: An adaptation of Kano’s quality types 330:A 401
Producing new workers: Quality, equality and employability in higher education 331:T 405
Measuring the relationship between firm perceived quality and customer satisfaction and its influence on purchase intentions 332:Y 407
Nobody ever gets credit for fixing problems that never happened: Creating and sustaining process improvement 334:A 409
Joint adoption of ISO 14000-ISO 9000 occupational risk prevention practices in Spanish industrial companies: A descriptive study 342:Y 411
Journey to the Baldrige 343:Y 413
Further evidence on the validity of the theoretical models underlying the Baldrige criteria 343:Y 415
Critical factors for successful total quality management implementation in Turkey: Evidence from the banking sector 410:S 417
TQM implementation: An empirical examination and proposed generic model 410:Y 419
A linear structural modelling of total quality management practices in manufacturing companies in Malaysia 410:Y 421
Global perspectives on quality 490:Y 425
Optimal split-plot designs 520:Y 429
Testing multiple dispersion effects in unreplicated fractional factorial designs 524:Y 433
Local linear regression for estimating time series data 544:Y 437
Data mining on time series: An illustration using fast-food restaurant franchise data 544:Y 441
Quantifying quality growth 610:Y 443
Defining and measuring employability 630:Y 445
Reality check: The identification of service gaps in the NHS 790:B 449
Fast simulation of Markov chains with small transition probabilities 810:Y 453
Evaluating the effects of failure and repair on complex systems 820:Y 455
Applied behavior analysis and occupational safety: The challenge of response maintenance 840:Y 457
The relationship between initial quality perceptions and maintenance behavior: The case of the automotive industry 840:Y 461
Occupational safety and response maintenance: An alternative view 840:Y 463
Exploratory analysis of environmental factors for enhancing the software reliability assessment 850:Y 467