QCAS / Volume 47 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
The geometric CUSUM chart with sampling inspection for monitoring fraction defective 110:Y 481
The autoregressive T2 chart for monitoring univariate autocorrelated processes 110:Y 485
Relative probability index Crp: An alternative process capability index 120:Y 489
Process capability indices – A review, 1992-2000 120:Y 491
Sociotechnical reasons for the de-evolution of statistical process control 190:Y 497
Controlling change: Process monitoring and adjustment during transition periods 190:Y 499
Estimators for a Poisson parameter using ranked set sampling 210:Y 501
Quality management system design: A visionary approach 310:Y 505
Sustainability: Enlarging quality’s mission 319:A 507
Design for Six Sigma: 15 lessons learned 319:Y 509
Employee selection in a total quality management context: Taking a hard look at a soft issue 334:A 511
Knowledge dissemination and advancement of organizational excellence 334:Y 513
Communities of practice and organizational performance 334:Y 515
Economic impacts of quality awards: Does offering an award bring returns to the state? 343:A 517
Structural analysis and measurement of customer perceptions, assuming measurement and specification errors 350:A 519
Customer satisfaction: Some results for European retailing 350:A 521
Quality management practices and their relationship to buyer’s supplier ratings: A study in the Korean automotive industry 351:A 523
Overview of quality management practices in selected Asian countries 410:Y 527
Total quality management in the West, East and Russia: Are we different? 410:Y 529
A multiple test for comparing two treatments with control: Interval hypotheses approach 511:Y 531
Coupling Bayesian inference and Monte Carlo methods in error propagation 512:Y 535
A diagnostic for assessing the influence of cases on the prediction of missing data 512:Y 537
Variance component testing in multilevel models 515:Y 541
Experimental designs when there are one or more factor constraints 520:Y 545
Switching-one-column follow-up experiments for Plackett-Burman designs 520:Y 549
Sequence-leveled experimental designs at work 520:Y 551
Regression estimators in extreme and median ranked set samples 540:Y 553
Flexible regression modeling with adaptive logistic basis functions 543:Y 557
A study on the effect of power transformation in the ARMA (p, q) model 544:Y 561
Quality adjusted measures of services in public schools 630:T 567
The implications of service quality gaps for strategy implementation 670:S 569
Customer satisfaction: How can I measure it? 710:A 571
Assessing customer satisfaction with local authority services using SERVQUAL 710:A 573
A framework for evaluation and prediction of software process improvement success 730:Y 575
Integrating scenario-based and measurement-based software product assessment 730:Y 577
The relationship between ISO/IEC 15504 process capability levels, ISO 9001 certification and organization size: An empirical study 730:Y 579
An empirical evaluation of the ISO/IEC 15504 assessment model 730:Y 583
Foresight with Delphi surveys in Japan 740:Y 587
Six Sigma rolled throughput yield 790:Y 589