QCAS / Volume 47 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
SPC: A team effort for process improvement across four area control centers 110:Y 121
Identifying the time of a step-change with x2 control charts 111:Y 125
On estimating X&#772 control chart limits 111:Y 127
Adaptive quality-control strategy for progressive reduction of the amount of inspection required 130:Y 131
The statistical monitoring of a complex manufacturing process 190:M 133
Multidimensional scaling used in multivariate statistical process control 190:Y 135
Joint estimation: SPC method for short-run autocorrelated data 190:Y 137
A contingent view of quality management: The impact of international competition on quality 319:Y 139
Design of quality service systems in the public sector: Use of quality function deployment in police services 323:S 143
Quality improvement teams that stall due to poor project selection: An exploration of contributing factors 332:Y 145
Completing the audit cycle: The outcomes of audits in mental health services 341:B 147
HACCP and ISO 9002 in food processing industry: A computerized generic model for lobster production 342:M 151
Baldrige assessment and organizational learning: The need for change management 343:Y 153
The impact of quality on store loyalty: A contingency approach 350:Y 157
Doctoral TQM research: A study of themes, directions and trends 390:Y 159
The strategy process of cultural change to implement total quality management: A case study 410:Y 161
Using the competing values framework to investigate the culture of Qatar industries 410:Y 163
Cultural influences on total quality management adoption in Chinese enterprises: An empirical study 410:Y 167
Implementing the ISO 9000 standards in Turkey: A study of large companies’ satisfaction with ISO 9000 430:Y 171
An empirical examination of dynamic quality-based learning models 440:M 173
Continuous improvement strategies and production competitive criteria: Some findings in Brazilian industries 490:Y 177
Some applications of functional networks in statistics and engineering 519:Y 179
Taguchi methods in American universities and corporations 520:Y 183
A pragmatic approach to experimental design in industry 520:Y 187
Does anyone know when the correlation coefficient is useful? A study of the times of extreme river flows 530:Y 191
Statistics for discovery 590:T 195
When to stop development testing: An infrequently used stopping rule revisited 640:M 197
Swiftness and intensity of administrative innovation adoption: An empirical study of TQM in information systems 660:M 199
Learning from mistakes 660:M 201
Implementation of a computer-based monitoring loop for quality control of production systems 660:M 203
A dynamic simulator of software processes to test process assumptions 730:Y 205
The effects of time pressure on quality in software development: An agency model 730:Y 209
The joint effects of effort and quality on decision strategy choice with computerized decision aids 740:Y 213
An efficient simulation scheme for testing materials in a nondestructive manner 790:M 215
An intelligent simulation methodology to characterize defects in materials 790:M 217
An integrated economic design model for quality control, replacement and maintenance 840:Y 219
Management of process improvement by prescription 850:Y 223
Product liability prevention: The next dimension in quality 860:Y 227