OR/MS / Volume 58 / Issue 1-2

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Professional service supply chains Ab:190 17
Managing for political corporate social responsibility: New challenges and directions for PCSR 2.0 Ag:100 21
Organizational structure and performance feedback: Centralization, aspirations and termination decisions Ag:130 25
Contract governance and buyer – supplier conflict: The moderating role of institutions Ah:100 29
Cultivating foreignness: How organizations maintain and leverage minority identities Az:100 33
Educational mismatch, work outcomes and entry into entrepreneurship Ba:130 37
Workgroup climates and employees’ counterproductive work behaviors: A social-cognitive perspective Bc:130 41
Examining the cross-cultural dimensionality of prestige sensitivity: An empirical analysis of Chinese and American millennials Bc:130 45
Do good times breed cheats? Prosperous times have immediate and lasting implications for CEO misconduct Bd:110 47
Idea generation and the role of feedback: Evidence from field experiments with innovation tournaments Bd:130 51
Routines and creativity: From dualism to duality Bd:130 55
Inertia in routines: A hidden source of organizational variation Bd:130 59
Examining the characteristics and managerial challenges of professional services: An empirical study of management consultancy in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector Bd:220 63
How governance misalignment and outsourcing capability impact performance Bz:130 67
Scheduling methods for efficient stamping operations at an automotive company Cc:150 71
The freight train routing problem for congested railway networks with mixed traffic Cd:250 75
Optimization methods for multistage freight train formation Cd:250 77
Day-to-day flow dynamics and congestion control Cg:250 81
An inventory-routing problem with pickups and deliveries arising in the replenishment of automated teller machines Cz:210 85
New directions for modelling strategic behavior: Game-theoretic models of communication, coordination and cooperation in economic relationships Dc:000 89
Predicting Melbourne ambulance demand using kernel warping Dz:220 91
Approximating the performance of a “last mile” transportation system Dz:250 95
An inventory model with three-parameter Weibull deterioration, quadratic demand rate and shortages Ed:000 99
Capacitated multiechelon inventory systems: Policies and bounds Ed:100 101
Priority rules for multi-task due-date scheduling under varying processing costs Ed:150 105
Uncertainty in fleet renewal: A case from maritime transportation Ef:250 109
Dynamic pricing to minimize maximum regret Ez:140 113
An examination of customers’ attitudes about tabletop technology in full-service restaurants Fa:130 117
New product design under channel acceptance: Brick-and-mortar, online-exclusive or brick-and-click Fa:140 121
Is investing in social media really worth it? How brand actions and user actions influence brand value Fc:130 125
Interactional service innovation with social media users Fc:130 129
A systems approach to understanding the effect of Facebook use on the quality of interpersonal communication Fc:130 133
A roadmap for scalable agent organizations in the internet of everything Fc:160 137
Mental health professionals’ acceptance of online counseling Fc:220 141
Generational transitions in platform markets – the role of backward compatibility Fe:100 143
On the design of a maintainable software development kit to implement integration solutions Fe:160 147
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