OR/MS / Volume 58 / Issue 5-6

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When passion fades: Disentangling the temporal dynamics of entrepreneurial passion for founding Af:100 431
Entry of copycats of luxury brands Af:100 435
Do unions affect innovation? Af:130 439
How commitment to craftsmanship leads to unique value: Steinway & Sons’ differentiation strategy Af:290 443
Make room! Make room! A note on sequential spinoffs and acquisitions Ag:100 447
Boundary spanning in global organizations Ag:100 451
An integrative framework of buyer-supplier negative relationship quality and dysfunctional interfirm conflict Ah:120 453
Growing apart: The changing firm-size wage premium and its inequality consequences Az:130 457
The influence of salesperson depression, low performance and emotional exhaustion on negative organizational deviance Az:140 461
J-divergence measurements of economic inequality Az:290 463
Self-signalling and prosocial behavior: A cause marketing experiment Bc:140 465
Signalling virtue: Charitable behavior under consumer elective pricing Bc:140 469
Open source project success: Resource access, flow and integration Bd:130 473
Born leaders: Political selection and the relative age effect in the US Congress Bd:130 477
When the meaning of work has disappeared: Experimental evidence on employees’ performance and emotions Bd:130 481
Bundled payment vs. fee-for-service: Impact of payment scheme on performance Bd:130 485
Why can some service employees provide service of a consistently high quality while others cannot? Bd:130 489
Stretch goals and the distribution of organizational performance Bd:130 493
Influence of workplace ostracism on employee voice behavior Bd:130 497
Does social interaction improve learning outcomes? Evidence from field experiments on massive open online courses Bf:130 499
Edge coloring: A natural model for sports scheduling Cc:290 503
Analysis of a two stage queue with a single server and N-policy Dd:100 507
Dynamic pricing in the presence of social learning and strategic consumers Dz:140 509
Designing an efficient humanitarian supply network Dz:220 513
Addressing the causes of mass migrations: Leapfrog solutions for mutual prosperity growth between regions of emigration and regions of immigration Dz:270 517
How to escape a declining market: Capacity investment or exit Ef:140 519
Optimal retail return policies with wardrobing Ez:100 523
The role of absorptive capacity, communication and trust in ERP adoption Ez:100 527
Battle of the channels: The impact of tablets on digital commerce Fa:100 529
SIT: Sampling-based interactive testing for self-adaptive apps Fc:100 533
Cloud migration process – A survey, evaluation framework and open challenges Fc:100 537
Understanding cloud-native applications after 10 years of cloud computing – A systematic mapping study Fc:100 541
Fee or free: When should firms charge for online content? Fc:100 545
Trustworthiness of online group buying websites in India: A comparative assessment of consumer perception Fc:130 549
Teamwork quality and project success in software development: A survey of agile developing teams Fe:130 553
Approaches to strategic alignment of software process improvement: A systematic literature review Fe:160 557
Technology transfer, outsourcing, capability and performance: A comparison of foreign and local firms in Ghana Ff:100 561
Becoming a network beyond boundaries: Brain-machine Interfaces &#40BMIs&#41 as the actor-networks after the internet of things Fz:100 563
&#34Cargo cult&#34 science in traditional organization information systems survey research: A case for using nontraditional methods of data collection, including Mechanical Turk and online panels Fz:100 567
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