OR/MS / Volume 58 / Issue 3

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Reducing complexity by creating complexity: A systems theory perspective on how organizations respond to their environments Ac:100 187
Fake it till you make it: Reputation, competition and yelp review fraud Af:100 191
Product line bundling: Why airlines bundle high-end while hotels bundle low-end Ag:140 195
How do delay announcements shape customer behavior? An empirical study Az:140 197
The new life cycle of women’s employment: Disappearing humps, sagging middles, expanding tops Ba:130 201
Brand experience and emotional attachment in services: The moderating role of gender Bc:140 205
Media framing the reception of unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States of America Bz:250 207
UPS optimizes delivery routes Cc:220 211
Optimal solutions to a real-world integrated airline scheduling problem Cc:250 215
Reliable hub network design: Formulation and solution techniques Cc:250 219
Dynamic control of runway configurations and of arrival and departure service rates at JFK Airport under stochastic queue conditions Cz:250 223
Call center staffing: Service-level constraints and index priorities Db:130 227
A stochastic model for interterminal container transportation Df:250 231
Patrolling a border Ea:270 235
Managing perishable inventories in retailing: Replenishment, clearance sales and segregation Ed:120 239
Layout planning of sortation conveyors in parcel distribution centers Ed:220 243
The travelers route choice problem under uncertainty: Dominance relations between strategies Ef:100 247
Capacity investment with demand learning Ez:000 251
Simultaneous or sequential? Search strategies in the U.S. auto insurance industry Fc:130 255
360i generates nearly $1 billion in revenue for internet paid-search clients Fc:140 259
Providing a window of opportunity for converting eStore visitors Fc:140 263
Popularity or proximity: Characterizing the nature of social influence in an online music community Fc:140 267
A dynamic network measure of technological change Fe:160 271
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