OR/MS / Volume 58 / Issue 4

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Failure Is an option: Institutional change, entrepreneurial risk and new firm growth Af:100 309
The effect of board directors from countries with different genetic diversity levels on corporate performance Ag:100 313
The empirics of learning from failure Az:100 317
Information sampling, belief synchronization and collective illusions Bc:130 321
When more selection is worse Bc:140 325
Behavioral anomalies in consumer wait-or-buy decisions and their implications for markdown management Bc:140 329
When the boss Is away: Manager-worker separation and worker performance in a multi-site software maintenance organization Bd:130 333
Fairness and collaboration in network air traffic flow management: An optimization approach Cc:250 337
Integrated aircraft routing, crew pairing and tail assignment: Branch-and-price with many pricing problems Cc:250 341
Operations research transforms the scheduling of Chilean soccer leagues and South American world cup qualifiers Cc:290 345
A continuum approximation approach to the dynamic facility location problem in a growing market Cz:120 349
Revealed preference tests of collectively rational consumption behavior: Formulations and algorithms Db:140 353
Continuous-review (R, nQ) policies for inventory systems with dual delivery modes Ed:120 357
Strategic idleness and dynamic scheduling in an open-shop service network: Case study and analysis Ed:150 361
Intertemporal uncertainty avoidance: When the future is uncertain, people prefer the present, and when the present is uncertain, people prefer the future Ef 365
Quantifying uncertainty in lumber grading and strength prediction: A Bayesian approach Ef:260 369
The impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on financial stability and economic growth Ez:110 373
Television advertising and online word-of-mouth: An empirical investigation of social TV activity Fc:120 377
Cost-effective quality assurance in crowd labeling Fc:140 381
Online and offline information for omni-channel retailing Fc:140 385
Search for information on multiple products Fc:140 389
Optimizing performance-based internet advertisement campaigns Fc:140 393
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