OR/MS / Volume 54 / Issue 1-2

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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine uses operations research tools to improve surgeon training Ab:220 17
Crowdsourcing new product ideas over time: An analysis of the Dell IdeaStorm community Af:100 21
Technological diversification Af:100 23
Lens or prism? Patent citations as a measure of knowledge flows from public research Af:170 27
R&D outsourcing and the effectiveness of intangible investments: Is proprietary core knowledge walking out of the door? Af:170 31
Language matters: Status loss and achieved status distinctions in global organizations Ag:100 33
Dynamic capacity allocation to customers who remember past service Ah:100 35
The influence of task- and location-specific complexity on the control and coordination costs in global outsourcing relationships Ah:150 39
How costly Is diversity? Affirmative action in light of gender differences in competitiveness Az:130 43
Double victimization in the workplace: Why observers condemn passive victims of sexual harassment Bc:130 47
A model of the “it” products in fashion Bc:140 51
Speaking up vs. being heard: The disagreement around and outcomes of employee voice Bd:130 53
Human capital investments and employee performance: An analysis of IT services industry Bd:160 57
The microevolution of routines: How problem solving and social preferences interact Bz:130 59
Love, hate, ambivalence, or indifference? A conceptual examination of workplace crimes and organizational identification Bz:130 63
Modeling consumer learning from online product reviews Bz:140 67
Eli Lilly and Company uses integer programming to form volunteer teams in impoverished countries Cb:220 71
Long-haul vehicle routing and scheduling with working hour rules Cc:250 75
Routing and scheduling of cross-town drayage operations at J. B. Hunt Transport Cc:250 77
Optimizing ship routing to maximize fleet revenue at Danaos Cc:250 81
An adaptive variable neighborhood search algorithm for a vehicle routing problem arising in small package shipping Cc:250 85
Evaluation of transportation practices in the California cut flower industry Cg:250 89
Estimating Demand for Container Freight Service at the Port of Davisville Cg:250 91
Designing for complexity: Using divisions and hierarchy to manage complex tasks Dc:100 95
Benefit availability and usage: Examination of independent and interactive effects Ea:130 97
Market crashes, correlated illiquidity, and portfolio choice Eb:110 101
Using enterprise architecture analysis and interview data to estimate service response time Eb:120 103
Impact of variety and distribution system characteristics on inventory levels at U.S. retailers Ed:100 105
Adaptive smoothed functional algorithms for optimal staffing levels in service systems Ed:130 107
Inventory pooling to deliver differentiated service Ed:150 111
Aligning capacity decisions in supply chains when demand forecasts are private information: Theory and experiment Ed:150 115
A process flow-based framework for nurse demand estimation Ed:220 117
Buying beauty: On prices and returns in the art market Ef:110 119
Estimating structural models of equilibrium and cognitive hierarchy thinking in the field: The case of withheld movie critic reviews Ef:110 123
Social network effects on productivity and job security: Evidence from the adoption of a social networking tool Fc:130 125
The association between the disclosure and the realization of information security risk factors Fc:130 127
Discovery of online shopping patterns across websites Fc:140 131
When social media can be bad for you: Community feedback stifles consumer creativity and reduces satisfaction with self-designed products Fc:140 133
Chaos-based detection of LDoS attacks Fc:160 137
Effects of piracy on quality of information goods Fc:190 141
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