OR/MS / Volume 54 / Issue 5-6

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Trane/Ingersoll Rand combines lean and operations research tools to redesign feeder manufacturing operations Ab:100 431
What happened to long-term employment? The role of worker power and environmental turbulence in explaining declines in worker tenure Af:130 433
When do markets tip? A cognitive hierarchy approach Af:140 437
Patents and innovation: Evidence from economic history Af:170 441
The case against patents Af:170 443
Cheap-talk advertising and misrepresentation in vertically differentiated markets Ag:140 445
Double counting in supply chain carbon footprinting Ah:100 447
Supply chain optimization and planning in Heracles General Cement Company Ah:120 451
Managing inventory in global supply chains facing port-of-entry disruption risks Ah:250 455
When gray markets have silver linings: All-unit discounts, gray markets, and channel management Az:100 457
Complementary goods: Creating, capturing and competing for value Az:140 459
The structural context of team learning: Effects of organizational and team structure on internal and external learning Bc:130 463
Economic value of celebrity endorsements: Tiger Woods’ impact on sales of Nike golf balls Bc:140 467
Constructing a climate change logic: An institutional perspective on the “tragedy of the commons” Bz:240 469
Data envelopment analysis with non-homogeneous DMUs Cb:000 473
A goal programming model with satisfaction function for risk management and optimal portfolio diversification Cb:110 475
An exact algorithm for the capacitated arc routing problem with deadheading demand Cc:100 477
Global facility network design in the presence of competition Cc:120 479
The robust capacitated vehicle routing problem under demand uncertainty Cc:250 481
An exact algorithm for the multitrip vehicle routing problem Cc:250 483
Organization and bargaining: Sales process choice at auto dealerships Cd:100 485
Fairness, efficiency and flexibility in organ allocation for kidney transplantation Cd:220 487
A dispatching model for server-to-customer systems that balances efficiency and equity Cg:120 491
Optimal location of railway stations: The Lisbon-Porto high-speed rail line Cg:250 493
Optimal dynamic assortment planning with demand learning Cz:100 495
Consumer price sensitivity in retail industry: Latitude of acceptance with heterogeneous demand Db:140 499
Building reliable air-travel infrastructure using empirical data and stochastic models of airline networks Db:250 501
Optimal dynamic mechanism design and the virtual-pivot mechanism Dz:000 505
Pricing time-sensitive services based on realized performance Dz:120 509
Can commonality relieve cannibalization in product line design? Dz:150 511
A decision-making tool for a regional network of clinical laboratories Ez:220 513
Resource-based patient prioritization in mass-casualty incidents Ea:220 515
Forecasting the European carbon market Eb:110 519
Modeling and forecasting daily electricity load curves: A hybrid approach Eb:240 523
The impact of inventory dynamics on long-term stock returns: An empirical investigation of US manufacturing companies Ed:110 525
Optimal selection of process mean for stochastic inventory model Ed:120 527
Ratings and rankings: Voodoo or science? Ee:000 529
Advance selling in a supply chain under uncertain supply and demand Ef:100 531
Determinants of experienced utility: Laws and implications Ez:100 533
Design principles for flexible systems Ez:100 537
A population-growth model for multiple generations of technology products Fa:100 539
Social ties and user content generation: Evidence from Flickr Fc:100 543
The effects of rewarding user engagement: The case of Facebook apps Fc:140 545
The role of search engine optimization in search marketing Fc:140 549
Class-restricted clustering and micro-perturbation for data privacy Fc:160 553
IT service climate, antecedents and IT service quality outcomes: Some initial evidence Ff:160 557
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