OR/MS / Volume 54 / Issue 4

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Value creation and knowledge loss: The case of Cremonese stringed instruments Ab:190 309
Customer-driven misconduct: How competition corrupts business practices Af:130 313
Guilt by design: Structuring organizations to elicit guilt as an affective reaction to failure Ag:130 317
Egalitarianism, cultural distance, and foreign direct investment: A new approach Ag:130 321
National brand’s response to store brands: Throw in the towel or fight back? Ag:140 325
Multicommunicating: Juggling multiple conversations in the workplace Bb:130 329
Do women choose different jobs from men? Mechanisms of application segregation in the market for managerial workers Bc:130 333
Passenger profiling and screening for aviation security in the presence of strategic attackers Bz:220 335
Scheduling model for multi-stage flow lines with zero lead times Cc:150 339
Optimizing fire station locations for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cc:220 341
Bin packing with conflicts: A generic branch-and-price algorithm Cd:120 343
An adaptive large neighborhood search for the pickup and delivery problem with transfers Cg:250 347
A new graph-theoretical model for the guillotine-cutting problem Cz:000 351
A game-theoretic model of international influenza vaccination coordination Dc:220 353
Bayesian dynamic pricing in queuing systems with unknown delay cost characteristics Dd:110 357
Analyzing screening policies for childhood obesity Dz:220 361
Can financial markets inform operational improvement efforts? Evidence from the airline industry Dz:250 365
When do new technologies become economically feasible? The case of three-dimensional television Ea:110 369
Entropy and the value of information for investors Eb:110 371
Constraints in container loading – A state-of-the-art review Ed:150 375
Dealing with the uncertainties of climate engineering: Warnings from a psychological complex problem solving perspective Ef:240 377
Cloud computing operations research Fc:100 381
Predicting purchase timing, product choice, and purchase amount for a firm’s adoption of a radically innovative information technology: An analysis of cloud computing services Fc:100 385
Network-wide statistical modeling, prediction, and monitoring of computer traffic Fe:100 389
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