OR/MS / Volume 54 / Issue 3

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Is pay for performance detrimental to innovation? Af:130 187
The pay of corporate executives and financial professionals as evidence of rents in top 1 percent incomes Ag:110 191
International diversification of manufacturing operations: Performance implications and moderating forces Ag:120 195
Social stratification and out-of-school learning Ag:130 199
Overcoming resistance to organizational change: Strong ties and affective cooptation Ag:130 203
Differentiate or imitate? The role of context-dependent preferences Ag:140 207
Knowledge recombination across technological boundaries: Scientists vs. engineers Bb:130 209
Teams make you smarter: How exposure to teams improves individual decisions in probability and reasoning tasks Bc:130 213
Competitive incentives: Working harder or working smarter? Bd:130 217
Income inequality, equality of opportunity and intergenerational mobility Bz:220 221
Mathematical programming guides air-ambulance routing at Ornge Cb:250 223
Staffing and control of instant messaging contact centers Cc:160 225
Measuring the effect of queues on customer purchases Dd:130 227
Price dispersion and loss-leader pricing: Evidence from the online book industry Dz:110 229
Object-oriented Bayesian networks for a decision support system for antitrust enforcement Ea:110 233
An optimal strategy for maximizing the expected real-estate selling price: Accept or reject an offer? Ea:220 237
Prioritizing burn-injured patients during a disaster Eb:220 239
Neonicotinoids and bees – What’s all the buzz? Ec:270 243
Managing strategic inventories via manufacturer-to-consumer rebates Ed:140 245
On the appropriate objective function for post-disaster humanitarian logistics models Ed:270 247
Bringing education to Afghan girls: A randomized controlled trial of village-based schools Ee:220 251
The economic impact of cyber terrorism Ef:270 255
Pricing of wireless services: Service pricing vs. traffic pricing Fa:110 259
Information technology, productivity, and asset ownership: Evidence from taxicab fleets Fa:250 261
The influence of user affect in online information disclosure Fc:130 265
Software ecosystems – A systematic literature review Fc:160 269
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