OR/MS / Volume 44 / Issue 6

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Blueprinting the service company – Managing service processes efficiently Ac:190 603
Urban security in perspective Af:250 607
First responders: Problems and solutions: Communications Af:250 611
Productivity effects of organizational change: Microeconometric evidence Ag:100 615
Change management: Implementation of a process oriented management system based on business ideas and values in a high technology company Ag:100 619
On the relationship between organizational complexity and organizational structuration Ag:100 623
E-enabled closed-loop supply chains Ah:100 625
Supply loops and their constraints: The industrial ecology of recycling and reuse Ah:100 629
Out of sight, out of sync: Understanding conflict in distributed teams Bc:130 631
Interteam coordination, project commitment and teamwork in multiteam R&D projects: A longitudinal study Bc:170 633
Exploring organizationally directed citizenship behavior: Reciprocity or “it’s my job”? Bd:100 635
Knowledge networks as channels and conduits: The effects of spillovers in the Boston biotechnology community Bz:100 637
Tabu search for fuzzy optimization and applications Cb:000 641
Ship routing and scheduling: Status and perspectives Cc:120 645
A route-directed hybrid genetic approach for the vehicle routing problem with time windows Cc:120 649
Optimal ordering policy with backordering for products of imperfect quality Cd:110 653
Simulation-based performance evaluation of transport vehicles at automated container terminals Cg:100 655
The Canadian Pacific Railway transforms operations by using models to develop its operating plans Cg:250 659
Balancing freedom and security in the Patriot Act 2001: A mathematical model Cz:270 663
Firm size, performance and CEO pay: Evidence from a group of American quality companies Db:110 667
New measurement scales for evaluating perceptions of the technology-mediated customer service experience Db:130 669
Rapid prototyping of real-time control laws for complex mechatronic systems: A case study Dz:150 673
Ancient Greeks’ practices and contributions in public and entrepreneurship decision making Ea:000 675
Different approaches to fuzzy clustering of incomplete datasets Ec:000 679
Validating fuzzy multicriteria analysis using fuzzy clustering Ec:000 681
Evaluating feature selection methods for learning in data mining applications Ee:000 685
Re-exploring the relationship between flexibility and the external environment Ef:000 687
A holistic framework of e-business strategy: The case of Haier in China Fa:100 689
Diagonal recurrent neural networks for a walking robot Fb:150 691
Estimating natural gas liquid pipeline contents using neural and statistical networks Fb:250 693
Web page feature selection and classification using neural networks Fc:160 695
Investors’ resource commitments and information reporting systems: Control in international joint ventures Fd:160 697
The researcher’s challenge: Building a credible literature review using electronic databases Fe:160 701
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