OR/MS / Volume 44 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Work cells with staying power: Lessons for process-complete operations Ac:150 361
R&D, marketing and the success of next-generation products Af:170 365
Strategic technology planning in hospital management Af:220 369
Gatekeepers and referrals in services Ag:100 371
‘Control – what control?’ Culture and ambiguity within a knowledge intensive firm Ag:100 375
Using customer relationships to acquire technological innovation: A value-chain analysis of supplier contracts with scientific research institutions Ah:100 379
Process flexibility in supply chains Ah:150 381
Strategic commitment to price to stimulate downstream innovation in a supply chain Ah:170 385
Forming virtual teams Bc:130 389
Managing interdisciplinary, longitudinal research teams: Extending grounded theory-building methodologies Bc:170 391
Managing learning curves in factories by creating and transferring knowledge Bd:130 393
Managing credit lines and prices for Bank One credit cards Cb:110 395
Approximate solutions for a stochastic lot-sizing problem with partial customer-order information Cb:140 399
Improving crew scheduling by incorporating key maintenance routing decisions Cc:130 403
A stochastic optimal control approach to real-time, incident-responsive traffic signal control at isolated intersections Cc:200 407
Opportunities for OR in intermodal freight transport research: A review Cg:100 411
A reactive variable neighborhood search for the vehicle-routing problem with time windows Cg:220 413
Modularity and innovation in complex systems Da:000 417
Complexity, identity and the value of knowledge-intensive exchanges Da:000 419
When good news about your rival is good for you: The effect of third-party information on the division of channel profits Db:140 421
Incident management simulation De:100 425
Rapid prototyping of airport advanced operational systems and procedures through distributed simulation De:220 429
A stochastic model of airline operations Df:210 433
Genetically engineered decision trees: Population diversity produces smarter trees Ea:000 437
Using advance purchase orders to forecast new product sales Eb:140 441
A complete fuzzy decision tree technique Ec:000 443
A new algorithm for applying fuzzy set theory to evaluate the rate of aggregative risk in software development Ec:160 447
Statistical fraud detection: A review Ec:160 449
Effects of risk and time preference and expected longevity on demand for medical tests Ef:220 451
The failure of Sport7 TV-channel: Controversies in a business network Fa:100 455
Designing a better shopbot Fa:140 457
How to build a WebFountain: An architecture for very large-scale text analytics Fa:160 459
Online communities Fc:130 461
Scheduling banner advertisements on the web Fc:140 463
Database aggregation of imprecise and uncertain evidence Fd:160 465
Modeling computer virus prevalence with a susceptible-infected-susceptible model with reintroduction Fd:160 469