OR/MS / Volume 44 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Using soft OR in a small company – The case of Kirby Ab:100 481
A balanced scorecard analysis of performance metrics Ac:100 485
Sustainable pioneering advantage? Profit implications of market entry order Af:140 487
Synthesis and decomposition of processes in organizations Ag:100 491
The changing Japanese multinational: Application, adaptation and learning in car manufacturing and financial services Ag:100 493
Product modularity and the design of closed-loop supply chain Ah:100 495
Price-tier competition: Distinguishing between interior competition and intratier competition Az:140 499
Group decision-making using a fuzzy linguistic approach for evaluating the flexibility in a manufacturing system Bc:150 503
Designing a performance measurement system: A case study Bd:100 505
Dynamic innovation strategies and stable networks in the construction industry – implanting solar energy projects in the Sydney Olympic Village Bd:130 509
Multimedia, information complexity and cognitive processing Bf:130 513
The development of genetic algorithms for the finite capacity scheduling of complex products, with multiple levels of product structure Ca:150 517
Improving envelopment in data envelopment analysis Cb:000 521
Fleet sizing and vehicle routing for container transportation in a static environment Cc:120 525
The granular tabu search and its application to the vehicle-routing problem Cg:220 529
Problem structuring methods in action Cz:000 533
Assessing assessments of school performance: The case of California Cz:130 537
A measure of association for complex data Da:000 539
Outsourcing inventory management decisions in healthcare: Models and application Dd:220 541
Simulating collision probabilities of landing airplanes at nontowered airports De:220 543
Cognitive mapping expert views for policy analysis in the public sector Ea:130 547
Neglecting disaster: Why don’t people insure against large losses? Ea:130 551
Fuzzy classification systems Ec:100 553
Practical building of subjective covariance structures for large complicated systems Ee:000 557
Bayesian statistics and marketing Ee:140 561
Evolution of behaviors in autonomous robot using artificial neural network and genetic algorithm Fb:000 565
Web business intelligence: Mining the web for actionable knowledge Fc:110 569
On the depth and dynamics of online search behavior Fc 571
Efficient and anonymous web-usage mining for web personalization Fc:140 573
Assessing customer perceptions of website service quality in digital marketing environments Fc:150 575
Small business internet commerce: A case study Fc:160 577
Vendor related risks in IT development: A chronology of an outsourced project failure Fd:160 579
Perceptions on IS risks and failure types: A comparison of designers from the United States, Japan and Korea Fd:160 581
The influence of business managers’ IT competence on championing IT Fd:160 583
Beyond normal failures: Dynamic management of software projects Fe:160 585
The dawning of the automatic computing era Fz:160 587
The security of confidential numerical data in databases Fz:160 589
Bioinformatics and management science: Some common tools and techniques Z:280 591