OR/MS / Volume 44 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
The management of distributed projects across cultures Ad:130 241
Stories from the front-line: How they construct the organization Ah:100 245
Analysis and design of focused demand chains Ah:100 247
Demand chain management theory: Constraints and development from global aerospace supply webs Ah:150 251
Supply chain information technology metrics Ah:160 255
Demand chain management in manufacturing and services: Web-based integration, drivers and performance Ah:160 257
Growth in transition: What we know, what we don’t and what we should Az:230 261
Organizational learning as a strategic resource in supply management Bd:100 265
A multi-objective, multi-criteria approach for evaluating IT investments: Results from two case studies Cb:160 267
Rerouting aircraft for airline recovery Cg:100 269
The inhomogeneous kinematic wave traffic flow model as a resonant nonlinear system Cg:100 271
Newsvendors tackle the newsvendor problem Cz:100 273
Cross-national comparison of internal migration: Issues and measures Cz:290 275
Partial deadlock detection in automated flexible manufacturing cells Da:150 279
Norms and power in market relationships: Alternative theories and empirical evidence Db:140 281
Crime modeling Db:220 283
How multiserver queues scale with growing congestion-dependent demand Dd:100 287
An efficient simulation scheme for testing materials in a nondestructive manner De:150 289
Ant colony optimization for learning Bayesian networks Dz:000 293
Applications of operations research in the air transport industry Dz:210 295
Estimating regional air quality vehicle emission inventories: Constructing robust driving cycles Dz:240 299
GE’s energy rentals business automates its credit assessment process Ea:110 303
Enhanced decision modeling using multiagent system simulation Ea:260 305
Construction of fuzzy systems using least-squares method and genetic algorithm Ec:000 307
Rules and fuzzy rules in text: Concept, extraction and usage Ec:160 309
Joint optimization and timing synchronization in a buyer supplier inventory system Ed:100 311
Trie: An alternative data structure for data mining algorithms Ee:000 315
Saving lives: A review of the record Ef:100 317
Success factors in the implementation of a collaborative technology and resulting productivity improvements in a small business: An explorative study Fa:160 319
Group buying on the web: A comparison of price-discovery mechanisms Fc:140 321
Managing online auctions: Current business and research issues Fc:160 325
Dawn of the e-bomb Fc:160 329
Soft approaches to distributed information retrieval Fd:160 331
How not to measure the efficiency of public services (and how one might) Fd:160 333
Motivators of software process improvement: An analysis of practitioners’ views Fe:160 335
Key success factors for implementing software process improvement: A maturity-based analysis Fe:160 339
The denial of slavery in management studies Z:230 345
Insuring September 11th: Market recovery and transparency Z:270 349