OR/MS / Volume 44 / Issue 1

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Integrated product development practices and competitive capabilities: The effects of uncertainty, equivocality and platform strategy Af:100 13
Links and impacts: The influence of public research on industrial R&D Af:170 15
Strategic analysis of customer relationship management – A field study on hotel enterprises Af:210 19
The impact of organizational structure on time-based manufacturing and plant performance Ag:150 21
Flow coordination and information sharing in supply chains: Review, implications and directions for future research Ah:100 25
Building contingency planning for closed-loop supply chains with product recovery Ah:150 27
Local manufacturing systems and global economy: Are they compatible? The case of the Italian eyewear district Ah:150 29
e-integration in the supply chain: Barriers and performance Ah:160 31
When talk is not cheap: Substantive penance and expressions of intent in rebuilding cooperation Bb:100 33
Interruptive events and team knowledge acquisition Bc:130 37
Knowledge retention and personnel mobility: The nondisruptive effects of inflows of experience Be:100 39
Negative effect: The dark side of retailing Bz:140 41
Automatic generation of fuzzy rule-based models from data by genetic algorithms Ca:000 43
Data envelopment analysis with fuzzy inputs and outputs Cb:000 47
An extension of data envelopment analysis to equity valuation Cb:000 51
Heuristic optimization of experimental designs Cf:000 55
A morphology-driven string matching approach to Arabic text searching Cz:000 57
Evaluating welfare reform in the United States Db:270 59
Prioritizing waiting lists: How and why? Dd:000 63
Lean manufacturing: Context, practice bundles and performance Dz:150 67
Distributed decision making – A unified approach Ea:000 71
Data mining for decision support on customer insolvency in telecommunications business Ea:220 75
Analyzing AHP-matrices by regression Ee:000 77
Why does voting get so complicated? A review of theories for analyzing democratic participation Ez:270 79
Misvotes, undervotes and overvotes: The 2000 presidential election in Florida Ez:270 81
Business process reengineering and workflow automation: A technology transfer experience Fa:150 83
Web mining and relational clustering Fc:000 87
The internet and the price-value-loyalty chain Fc:160 89
Perceptions and attitudes about e-commerce development in China: An exploratory study Fc:160 91
A comparison between mail and web surveys: Response pattern, respondent profile and data quality Fc:200 93
Performance impacts of information technology: Is actual usage the missing link? Fd:100 95
Enterprise resource planning: Implementation procedures and critical success factors Fd:160 97
Understanding the hidden dissatisfaction of users toward end-user computing Fd:160 101
Perception differences of software success: Provider and user views of system metrics Fe:000 103
A longitudinal study of software process management in Taiwan’s top companies Fe:160 107
Catastrophic events, parameter uncertainty and the breakdown of implicit long-term contracting: The case of terrorism insurance Z:270 109
Genetically engineered crops and foods: Back to the basics of technology diffusion Z:280 111