OR/MS / Volume 44 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
On the strategic accumulation of intangible assets Af:110 121
Racial integration as an innovation: Empirical evidence from sports leagues Af:130 125
Strategic research partnerships: A managerial perspective Af:170 129
The effect of location, strategy and operations technology on hospital performance Af:220 133
Battle in the boardroom: A discursive perspective Ag:100 135
The false promise of organizational culture change: A case study of middle managers in grocery retailing Ag:130 139
Making invisible work visible: Using social network analysis to support strategic collaboration Az:100 143
Executives’ orientations as indicators of crisis management policies and practices Az:130 147
Consumer preferences for food irradiation: How favorable and unfavorable descriptions affect preferences for irradiated pork in experimental auctions Bc:140 151
Sensemaking on the shop floor: Narratives on knowledge in organizations Bf:150 153
The product-specific nature of impulse buying tendency Bz:140 155
The role of cultural clustering in attracting new immigrants Bz:220 157
Application of DEA to medical clinics Cb:220 161
Problem-solving oscillations in complex engineering projects Dz:100 163
The international takeoff of new products: The role of economics, culture and country innovativeness Dz:170 165
The impact of experience and time on the use of data quality information in decision making Ea:000 167
Mulitcriteria heuristic search Ea:000 169
Recounts from undervotes: Evidence from the 2000 presidential election Ea:270 171
Fuzzy data mining for interesting generalized association rules Ec:000 173
Fuzzy active noise modeling and control Ec:000 177
3D visual data mining – goals and experiences Ee:000 181
Environmental risk and uncertainty: Insights from Yucca Mountain Ef:240 185
Judged terror risk and proximity to the World Trade Center Ef:270 187
Technology and organizations: Where’s the off button? Fa:160 189
Competitive advantage through e-operations Fc:140 193
Examination of brand knowledge, perceived risk and consumers’ intention to adopt an online retailer Fc:140 197
Hijacking the web Fc:160 201
Software evaluation problem situations Fe:160 205
A comparison of methods for locating features in legacy software Fe:160 207
Combining techniques to optimize effort predictions in software project management Fe:160 209
The evolution of storage systems Fz:160 211
Navy operations research Z:000 215
Terrorism and probability neglect Z:230 219
The ecology of terror defense Z:240 223
Sacrificing civil liberties to reduce terrorism risks Z:270 227