OR/MS / Volume 42 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Features of traditional Arab management and organization in the Jordan business environment Ac:100 361
The resource renting problem subject to temporal constraints Ad:110 365
The taxing task of taxing transnationals Ae:230 367
Reproducing knowledge: Replication without limitation at moderate complexity Af:100 369
Technology regimes and new firm formation Af:170 371
Effective design of products/services: An approach based on integration of marketing and operations management decision Ag:140 373
The impact of purchasing integration and practices on manufacturing performance Ah:150 377
A structural equation model of new product design and development Ah:150 379
The indirect effects of organizational controls on salesperson performance and customer orientation Az:140 383
Operations safety: An assessment of a commercial aviation safety program Az:250 385
Environmental background music and in-store selling Bc:140 389
Learning and forgetting: Modeling optimal product sampling over time Bz:140 393
Conceptual and operational aspects of brand loyalty: An empirical investigation Bz:140 399
Finding near-optimal Bayesian experimental designs via genetic algorithms Ca:000 403
Pitfalls and protocols in DEA Cb:100 405
An application of fuzzy goal programming to a multiobjective project network problem Cb:100 409
Goal programming: Application in the management of the miombo woodland in Mozambique Cb:240 413
Multicriteria hub decision making for rural area telecommunication networks Cc:250 417
(Q, R, L) inventory model involving a service level constraint with defective items Dd:150 421
Improving the performance of time-constrained workflow processing Dd:150 423
Using simulation to increase efficiency in an army recruitment office De:260 427
Efficient data reconciliation Dz:000 429
A metadata oriented architecture for building data warehouse Dz:000 433
Controlling decision-making practice in organizations Ea:100 437
Rao’s score test in spatial econometrics Ee:230 441
Securing e-business applications using smart cards Fc:140 445
Electronic tickets, smart cards and online prepayments: When and how to advance sell Fc:140 447
Information technology, strategic decision making approaches and organizational performance in different industrial settings Fd:160 451
The dynamics of alignment: Insights from a punctuated equilibrium model Fd:160 455
Analyzing the role of aspects in software design Fe:160 459
Experience with identifying and characterizing problem-prone modules in telecommunication software systems Fe:190 461
Strategic planning for high-tech product development Ff:150 463
Transfer of information technology to the Arab world: A test of cultural influence modeling Ff:160 467